Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6/25/2013 Transfers = short email!

Transfers are today... E' romanick left and I am staying and getting an E' Ward... He has only been out 4.5 months and he hasn't arrived yet - so I am still waiting... We will see how this transfer goes... :)

As always I love you all!!!

 E Barlocker II

Monday, June 10, 2013

6/10/2013 Getting HOT!!!

Dear Family, 6/10/2013
Boy is it getting hot down here…it has been in the 100’s the past couple of days. But seeing all these new missionaries that haven’t been here  for a summer suffer, it makes it more bearable for me…;) In all reality I don’t mind the heat, it is kinda nice…one thing I do miss is a cool breeze. The wind most of the time is hot! So when you open the windows of the car to get some airflow, the air coming in is just as hot as the inside of the car! :/ it is fun though…:)
…Some good news, I am sure you all know but Debbie and James came down! They took E’Kim and I to the coveted steakhouse down here. Every missionary that serves here wants to eat there and I think E’Kim and I are the only two in our zone who have gone to it :). But it was awesome to see them. I never thought it would be weird to hear people call me Jaren… :/ They were picking our brains to see if we liked Tucson or Safford better during our dinner. That would be cool if they moved into the mission. When they were taking us home, we stopped off at their hotel to see Mocha. It was a  great ending to the day. And then they came to church with us too.:) And no dad, it wasn’t as painful as you think…HAHA
Other than that, this week has been boring…I want to get the two wards excited about missionary work; …
Well that’s all I have to say for now…after only 3 times having chips and salsa, I only have enough for one more…): That stuff is just too good!!! I hope you guys have an awesome week. Don’t break anymore arms, if you do tell someone…(:  Sounds like Nate is trying to follow in my footsteps, you guys should have told him I fell at one point…HAHA
I love you all!!!!!!Thanks for everything!!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

6/1/2013 JUNE already...

Hello 6/1/2013
Man I can’t believe its already June…
Time is just flying by. It is weird to think now every day I will have less time left than I have been out…I wish time would slow down, but I guess it helps us savor those moments we do have because they fly by too fast sometimes. As I look back on my one year, I see so many things I could have done better. Right now I am trying to refocus and do better. I am not gonna lie, I am still afraid of change, unless there are quarters… But I a realize some things have to change wether we like it or not. So I hope you guys see more blessings back home as I finish out this year!

Now that I got my preaching out of the way…HA HA… Right now there has been a prank war going on…Remember that episode of M*A*S*H, BJ… and the pranks.

So this is how it started…Our DL had the chairs in his apartment stolen then put back. Nobody knows who did it but it got my DL a little paranoid….then some things and the dl’s bedding was missing…. DL went crazy trying to find out who did it. He found out … then their door was blocked with some old tires & my DL said we are gunna start a war! ;) So the next few weeks are gunna be fun…

On the 30th E-Call & I burnt our shirts for our one year mark. It was pretty fun. I made this stand for my shirt to hang on…I just didn’t want to do the regular- put your shirt on the ground and burn it, so I made mine unique. Hopefully I can print some pics off today to send with this…
So that is really all the exciting stuff that has gone on this week…hopefully this upcoming week goes good. It is Tuesday right now, I have slacked off on writing this, but I am having a good week so far…I got the package on Sat!!! The other elders thought it was weird I got chips & salsa…they just don’t know how good it is! And in about two or three days there won’t be any for them to try…
Thank you guys for everything! I really do love each and every one of you!!! Hope your week turns out great!
E. BarlockerII