Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5/28/2013 New Comp...

“…Be not afraid, only believe.” Mark 5:36
Things have been okay around here. …new comp…Luckily I have E-Seare w/in walking distance... plus E-Call…from my MTC District is here too. I love all the elders around here…The Lord must trust me with all the stuff I get thrown at me… but I am getting through it.
On to more uplifting things…;)
I kinda had a baptism last weekend. I was an older couple I taught when we had the four wards. I had seen people like them before and it ended up they were more talk then action. Like when he said he would go to church every Sunday, I thought in my head- not in my foot…”Oh boy, not another one of these…” But it turns out they were sincere. I don’t think I will ever forget that baptism. I felt the spirit in a different way; I just felt really, really happy and glad, like never before. There is just something about knowing that you helped someone make such a big step. That is indescribable! :) I wish I could feel that way every day!
So that was a record for me, two baptisms one weekend after another. I will have to send the pics next week.

As of today, I have 365 days till I go home! In two days I will hit my year out mark…that is just crazy. Back home a year took forever, but now it flys right by. There are some moments I wish it would just slow down and others I wish it would go faster…but it is what it is and I am doing my best to make the most of it!
We just got back from doing a little exchange with the 5th ward bishopric. My comp went with the bishop and I went with one of his counselors and we went to visit some part-member families. We got some potentials out of it! … but 5th ward is really trying to get the missionary work going. It is nice not being the only ones doing missionary work in a ward. The first thing I told my comp when he got here is that I am gunna try to have the wards do more with the work.
I hope you guys are doing your best to help the work. It is probably a little different back in Utah, but you guys can always do something.
Here is a challenge for ya: have a referral for the missionaries by the next time you guys feed them. and if that is too much time, at least refer the person through mormon.org and always have a BOM around. In the car, purse, or hand. If each of you haven’t handed at least one BOM out w/in this next year, your gunna be in trouble>:) and please pray for those opportunities, even if you think your faith is enough – at that point it’s not. Faith= works, and I believe that prayer is the beginning of those works. W/out talking things with your Heavenly Father. How do you expect him to help us out? For some of you it is going to be scary as heck, it still is for me, but if you just do it, the Lord will help you out; I have seen Him help me in ways I never knew he could.
Well, I hope all is going well back home! I am doing okay down here! Thanks for all you do for me! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

A New Companion 5/20/2013

-So... who is your new comp?
E' Romanick

-Where is he from?
M. U.

-Do you two get along so far?
Yeah so far so good...

-Who so far has been your fave comp?
It is a toss up between ……  ;)

-What is your apartment like? Still keeping it clean?
Well it has rooms, a kitchen and even a bathroom! It's just a little two bedroom apt. and I have tried to keep it as clean as I could, but with a lot of missionaries coming over for pizza every Friday it destroys the place.

-How is it with only 2 wards to cover? Will it make things easier or harder for investigators?
It is so nice! Now people can stop complaining that we don't attend their ward, even though we did... But I am kinda “mad” about the split because E' Seare took the only investigators we had and they are getting baptized this weekend...

-Are you finally sleeping better?
I am getting better sleep with my iPod now, I just put on some piano music or even the BOM and it puts me right to sleep...;)

-What can we send to you?
Some salsa would be great! :)

But things this week have been a little hectic but a little easier as well. My comp just came from an area with a lot of work to Safford, where there is not so much work. And having just two wards is great! Both the bishops were way excited to have the missionaries more often and are excited to start working!...
One thing I have learned on my mission is that you will NEVER understand peoples logic, whether it be good or bad... But things are going to be picking up here soon!

And it kinda seemed you guys were worried about me doing the fire stuff. Don't worry, I have to make it seem really dangerous to others so they don't try it, because if you don't know what you are doing it can be really dangerous. But the worst that has happened is a few singed eyebrows... I am really careful, so don't worry... ;)

Things are going good though. We are getting thing done and now it will be a bit easier! I hope all keeps going well back home!

Love you all!!!

E' Barlocker II

5/14/2013 TRANSFERS!

May 14, 2013
Yeah my comp hasn't come yet... So nothing there. But I found out that E' Seare is taking over half of my area, so now I cover only two wards and E' Seare and his comp cover the other two. And E' Call from my MTC district came to the zone! This transfer is going to be fun... I will email later with my comp with more info!

Love you guys!!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

5/6/2013 Wonderful Weather!

Things have been going well this week. Saturday we got two new baptismal dates set! And I have seen people like this before where they seem sincere but you know they are not gunna follow through when they say they will be at church tomorrow... Especially when they say they will have to work early in the morning, go to church, then go back to work... But I was surprised to see them at church the next day! And they are way sincere about doing this. I am way excited to see them get baptized!

Other then that nothing too exciting has gone on... Just a lot of people not home and more and more boring times. But we always find a way to have fun. Like lately I have been taking up fire eating... That is interesting... :) I only singed my eyebrows once and they still look normal, so all is good there... ha ha! Lets just say fire is a good stress reliever. ;)

We don't have anything big planned this week or even today. We are just gunna take thing easy today and get all the necessities done. I didn't get any pics from this week because nothing 'pic worthy' happened but I will get some this week! Maybe I will get you guys a video of the fire eating... :)

So I hope all is going well back home still! Don't change the house too much before I come home... ha ha! I Love you all!!!
(we have totally re-vamped the front yard since he has been gone)

E' Barlocker II