Monday, February 11, 2013

BAZINGA!!! 2/11/2013

I am doing just fine down here. The weather has been nice. On Saturday it snowed! Not enough to stick but there were some good sized flakes coming down. I got some pics but once again I didn't bring my camera cord... :(  
Pics from a member in AZ she has snow on her hair!

But this week has been good, slow but good. We had one of our investigators have their baptismal interview and she passed with flying colors. She is so excited! The funny thing about it is we didn't have to set her baptismal date, she set it herself she we so excited to do this. And her baptism is this weekend! It is going to be awesome!

Well my mind has gone blank again... I cannot remember my weeks anymore. Time is just going by so fast that I don't remember my days anymore. Things are just going way too fast! Before I know it I will be home and wondering where the time has gone. It makes me want to do more with what little time I have, both here on my mission and in life. And good thing I am going in the right path, I see too many people going down hill.

Well I hope that everything is going great up in Utah! I am doing just fine down here.

Love you guys!

Elder Barlocker II


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So the Snow is going UT 2/4/2013

Dear Family,

Yeah, it doesn't feel like I have been out eight months at all. It is going by way fast. Pretty soon I will be hitting 18 months and almost be home. I am liking the mission a lot as of late. Things are going great and people down here are awesome!

It is crazy how many people I know that are leaving for missions or are on one. The Lord is really forwarding the work everywhere. Things are going to change fast within missionary work within the next couple years. Oh and I don't think I told you guys this, but my mission is now one week shorter. Because of the new age change and the amount of time spent in the MTC they had to take a week off of the transfer to accommodate the new guys. So now instead of serving just a little over a full two years I will be cut a week short. Now I will be home at the end of May 2014.

So yeah, nothing too exciting this week. We had interviews with President Killpack last week, and I was the last missionary interviewed. The last the best of all the game! It was a good interview. I look forward to talking with him when I can, Pres. Killpack is an awesome guy!

But I am doing well. Like I said, things are going great and I am enjoying my time serving the Lord. I hope everything is going good back home!

Love you guys!

E' Barlocker