Monday, December 31, 2012

HOPPY NEW YEAR!!! 12/31/2012

This week has gone by kinda slow but fun. E' Childs has a little bit of a CHRISTmas hangover, feeling a little trunky; I don't feel different at all, is that bad?

But it was awesome to talk to you all! Its cool to see that everything else is still going normal. My life down here has become so normal to me I kind of forgot what it was like back home. But now everything is going back to normal for us. The only thing that will be different this week is we will be having district mtg. on Tues instead of Wed due to new years. And on new years eve we have to be in by 7:00.

A cool thing happened last night, I snowed! It wasn't much at all and if you weren't looking at a light you couldn't see it. But I saw it!

So yeah nothing new or more exciting then the snow. But I am doing fine down here. It is getting pretty cold here in Willcox, especially at night; good thing we have a car! I hope all is going well back in Utah! Hope everyone is doing fine!

Love you all!!

Elder Barlocker II

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas is coming...12/17/2012

I did get the CHRISTmas package you sent... so tempting!!

And yes I did hear about the new youth program. It is pretty cool.

This week has been pretty good. I went on exchanges and had an interesting time.
Everything weird that could have happened did. But I have been having a great time here in Willcox.

So about the exchange; try to guess which one I didn't do:
- Listen to Spanish all day
- Milk a goat
- Spend an hour getting our Chevy Malibu out of the mud
- See a belly dancer
- Help chase a goat back into its pen
- Blew some minds with magic

If you guessed 'Milk a goat' you were correct. Lets just say it was a crazy day.
I have never had an exchange like it and don't plan on having another near the same.
But the Elder I went with has been out for as long as I have, just he was in the MTC a little longer because he is a spanish elder. It was a good day.

With that day happening the rest of the week seemed even less normal, if that makes sense.
But it has been a really awesome week. I am doing well down here in Willcox and am having fun.
I hope all is going well back home in Utah. The weather down here right now feels like UT, but no snow. I did see some ice this morning on the ground; I never expected to see ice outside of a freezer down here...

Love you all!!

Elder Barlocker II

Monday, December 10, 2012

So Delightful! 12/10/2012

How is my favorite missionary doing this fine day?

How was your week in your new area?

Now you are in Wilcox - correct? The map you sent was for St. David so I was a bit confused. I just read your email wrong.
  Yes, Wilcox is in St. David.

So this transfer, is it going well & how far did you have to travel?
  So far this transfer is going great. It was almost an hour drive if I can remember right.

Did you get any packages this past week? I sent your CHRISTMAS package & a small package with your songs. Sorry I took so long on the music. Enjoy them!
  Nope, it takes forever for packages to get from the mission office to us; and now that I am even further away it will take longer then a week for packages.

So this week what have you been doing?
  Getting to know the new area.

Anything fun/exciting/boring/difficult/strange?
  Nope just that I have to get use to waving to people. In Tucson everyone hates everyone so nobody waves even if you do. But now that I am in a small city people are actually nice.

What is your new area like?
  Small, little city.

What is your new comp like? & Where is he from?
He has been out twenty months and is from Syracuse Ut.

Do you get along with him ok?

Well that was pretty much what I was going to say in this email... Even got me to remember some things that I had forgotten about. Now I really cannot think of anything to say.

I am liking my new area and things have been good. And I brought my camera today so I got to get the pick uploaded.

Love you all!

Elder Barlocker II

1. Sunset in Wilcox
2. The Clarks from my last area
3. E' Nuttal and Me
4. E' Banner (ASL) and me, and the sign means saguaro cactus
5. My last district
6. My last Zone

An email I received from a missionary's mom in Jaren's new area:

Kim,  I asked Elder Mizera if he knew your son and this is what he said in his letter today.

"Elder Barlocker is in one of our districts. I was there when he was "born", too. He's pretty cool. He's really into magic (rabbit out of a hat/card trick kind). You can tell his mom from me that he's an awesome missionary. My companion is actually the trainer of his trainer. ie his grandpa;)"

Makes you feel a whole lot better knowing he is being looked after! ;)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Smeg Head 12/4/2012

I just got transferred today. I really didn't expect it, but I guess the Lord has something for me to learn out here. I haven't even met my new comp or seen my new area. I am not even with anybody from my new zone. They all went to help someone move and I went with another zone to breakfast. But my new area is called Saint David and I will be specifically serving in Wilcox. Here is a map of where I am going to be for the next six weeks:

So yeah, starting new again... But the area I miss a lot; not as much as my first area but still. Oh and there is a family that will be emailing you (Mom) to get the tamale casserole recipe from you. We were going to have it on Thursday but now I am gone... They are the only family I said goodbye to when I left, the Clarks. So they might as well enjoy the casserole even though I am not there.

Nothing new or exciting this week. Just a lot of missionary things. And my camera stuff is all packed away right now so I cannot upload those... Blame the transfers for that one. :)

Well I bet I will have a lot to talk about this next week. From what I heard my new comp sounds interesting...we will see.

I hope everything is going great back home. It is good to hear the office hasn't changed at all... haha except for another good employee ;)

I am doing my best to get things done down here in Arizona. Man I cannot believe it has already been six months... This is going to go too fast.

Love you all!!!

E' Barlocker II

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ever so Greatful! 11/27/2012

Thanksgiving was awesome! We ended spending six hours at the family's home. And there was nothing different that I had, it was just a normal thanksgiving dinner. Although I did try the cranberry gelatin stuff... that is the best on the turkey. And I am so use to so much food that what they had was so little... But I did get very full! I did miss going out for breakfast though. But yesterday we went out with our district to Ihop. That made up for it!

But this week has been another slow week. Not too much going on. A lot of people have either been avoiding us or we have just missed them, but we have been trying our best to see some people. But we have been having a good time.

So yeah, I didn't take any pictures because of nothing too exciting going on. But transfers are coming up so I will have some pics from that.

Well I hope next week has more in store for us then this week; plus it will be interesting to see what transfers will do to the zone...

Hope all is well back home and stays that way! :)
 Love you all!!!

E' Barlocker II