Monday, December 30, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 12/30/2013

-How the heck are you?
Doing good! Things are continuing to pick up here so I can't complain!

-How was your week?
It was long... The holidays were good, but it just made the work hard for those days hard, so it slowed down for a bit... But nothing bad happened so it was good... :)

-Any good experiences?
One day last week we had to go get our tire changed... And on the way back we stopped by Walmart so Elder Larsen could pick up another white shirt... And the whole day the sisters in our district were not answering any of our texts, which was really weird... But when we were driving past their street to go back to our area, I had a feeling I needed to check on them... I just thought it was nothing, but just in case - I said in my head that if I saw a cop car with its lights on I would tell Elder Larsen to turn around... And not two seconds after that I saw not one, but two cop cars on the side of the road with their lights on... So we turned around and the sisters had just barely gotten to their place to drop something off and were about to leave... It turns out their phone was acting weird and hadn't received hardly anything for a couple of days... So I helped them fix it (restarted their phone) and almost 30 messages came in on it... haha After that they needed someone to go with them to their investigators home to get the baptismal program together for the next day... And if we wouldn't have showed up at that exact time they wouldn't have been able to go... And since we did show up, they got their phone fixed, and they were able to get the baptism in order!
And the baptism they had was one of the coolest ones I've been to... The spirit was just so strong! And the confirmation was even better the next day! The spirit is cool... :)
It was way fun to talk to you guys!!! It was good to see all your ugly faces! Except for Kate... I only saw her once... Rude... haha jk
But things are going good! I don't have much more time to be on here, but I hope you all know I love you all and pray for you each night!
Thanks for everything!
Elder Barlocker II

Monday, December 23, 2013


1.  Can you Skype on Christmas Day?

2.  do you know about what time?
We are going to the home we are Skyping at, at around 12ish...

3.  Did you get the second Christmas box from us?
Yes I got both! :)

So things are going good down here... The past couple days it rained on and off... Still nothing compared to snow, but I don't mind... The drivers down here get really bad when it rains, I can't imagine what they would be like if it snowed... But it has been getting a little cooler down here (like 50's)... Doesn't feel like December though, but it feels normal to me... haha I'm glad i'm not coming home in the winter... I would die!

So its just been another week on the mission... Except for the fun surprise that we got! We found out we have bed bugs... I was making my bed one morning (I'm the only elder that I know that does that) and I saw a little bug on my blanket... I squished it and it exploded with blood... So I checked my box spring and sure enough there were little bugs down there... We had two companies come to estimate the place... It is not cheap to get these things gone... But we are getting them exterminated on the 26th! :) It'll be nice to sleep on a bed...

Other then that, its been a normal week... We have gone caroling a couple times and it has been pretty successful... We only had one guy shut the door on us... jerk... But everyone else was glad to see us and didn't mind that we were missionaries... :)

But life is good right now! Things continue to pick up and get better... :) I am looking forward to seeing you guys on CHRISTmas!!! I'll be Skypeing from Sells! haha I'm excited! :)

Well I'll see ya in a couple days! 

Love you all!!!

Elder Barlocker II

Monday, December 16, 2013

This winter stuff is really getting old! 12/16/2013

-How is my favorite missionary doing? Really, how are you?
I am doing great! This week has been filled with really good feelings and really awful feelings... But I talked to President Killpack and things are all good... :) I love being a missionary!!!

-So what's been going on in AZ? 
Really big coats! haha The people down here are whimps! haha Not that I have much room to speak, I have been wearing that sweater the past couple days... And the temps have been in the 50 and 60... I'm glad I'm not going home in the winter... haha
-Anything interesting, fun, spiritual, or just plain boring?
I had a cool experience the other day while teaching an investigator... I asked him a question but then realized right after I asked it, I didn't know how to answer it... haha I was freaking out inside, but just tried to stay calm... And when I had to answer him, I just started speaking and the words just came out and he understood... It was cool... :)
-What has been the good, bad, ugly?
The Good: the weather
The Bad: Appointments falling through...
The Ugly... Jessica?... idk At least the last time I saw her... :P

***Do you know where and when you will be able to Skype us on Christmas day?***
NOPE... :)
-So have you reached your goals of reading the BOM and Bible?
The BOM yes... I'm still working on the Bible... I'm just reading the new testament and should have it done by CHRISTmas eve... :)

-What are your highlights from the past week or two?
Just getting more work done and seeing more of the impact I have as a missionary... :) It's hard too see how much, even as members, of an impact we have on the people around us - and even ourselves sometimes... :)
-Investigators doing well?
Yup... :) They are all awesome!

-So what are your plans for this week?
Get work done and have fun! haha Nothing big this week planned, just the normal awesome lessons with great people!

-What are your plans for Christmas week - if you know yet?
All we have planned for that week is our dinners... Yet nobody is feeding us on CHRISTmas as of late... :\

But this week has been awesome! We walked in a parade down in Sahuarita and it took a whole like five min for the whole parade... It was really short but there were a lot of people seeing us! It was fun... :)
I can't believe that i'm so close to the end... These past few weeks have been the hardest yet most rewarding... I know if I didn't come on a mission, or even if I came home early, I wouldn't be doing the things I need to stay true... It's really tough, and I know we are all blessed to be member of the church! I hope everyone can jump on the challenge and finish the BOM before I get home! It'll be good and Moroni 10 has some great promises if you just do what it says! (and yes that was kinda directed toward Marci...) But I hope Kaitlyn, Jessica, Kevin, Nathan, and Dad also take the challenge...

Well my time is being cut short today... Hope all keeps going great! Keep being awesome!!!

Love you all!!!
Elder Barlocker II

Monday, December 9, 2013

IT IS SNOWING...well at least in UTAH! 12/9/2013

Yeah so we had transfer calls last night... And it sucks because our zone is always the last to be called, so we were up until 11:30 waiting... ugh... But come to find out only one person from our zone left... So Larsen and I are staying another one!!! :) That means I'll have six months in this area and after that I'll probably only have one more area... :\ It's weird...

And no I didn't get the package... Both the mailing system down here and the mission office aren't too good... But I'm sure I'll get it sometime this month... :)
This week has been stressful... Every transfer week is... I even got sick because of it... :\ I can't wait to get home and not have to worry about transfers... I just can't wait to get home! ha-ha But I'm doing my best to stay focused... :)

So I get another six weeks to work on the reservation... :) It is fun to work out there... Last Tuesday we had a big zone exchange and I took one of our zone leaders out there and we had a blast! ha-ha There is one member down there that live like three miles from the border, so when they didn't answer, we went and saw the border... ha-ha It was cool... :) Oh and there is a pic for Jessica.. HORSES!!!! ha-ha

Other then that exciting stuff its been pretty normal... We have a LA family feeding us on CHRISTmas eve, and the dad is a gourmet chef... It should be good... :) And that all we have planned so far for the holidays...

We got another investigator this week and he is actually in town! ha-ha Turns out not all our work is on the reservation anymore... ha-ha The work is slowly picking up... :)

Ugh... Sorry I don't write too much... I do write in my journal every night but I cannot remember anything that happened at all... I had to think hard to remember seeing the border... ha-ha My brain is turning to mush...
I hope everything is going well back home... Things are getting harder but easier down here... :) I'm loving it... :)
I Love you all!!!

Elder Barlocker II

Monday, December 2, 2013

A New Year Approaches 12/2/2013

-So what has been going on this past week or so?
Missionary work... haha We got permission from President Killpack to go down to the reservation more often... Before we were only allowed one time a week, now he gave us two to three times!!! I expressed how there is a lot more work happening down there then before (more then in town...) and I told him that he should split the area this next transfer; so we can get more attention down there... He called me last Monday and worked out some things to see how much work really is out there... I don't know why, but I really feel the reservation need to have its own set of missionaries and I am willing to do anything to get that for them... :)

-Anything good/exciting/new?
Read above :)
-What have been the best times this past month?
Teaching our investigator! :) And now we have a second one, they are both in Sells! haha They are both pretty solid in their own ways... They both know what they want and know how to get it... :) It's just a matter of time and work... :)
-What were your challenges in Nov?
Being really really trunky... haha
-Who are your investigators?
We have two peeps in Sells that we are teaching... :)
-What has been your saving grace on your mission? (what makes it all for the best)
Everything I get to learn from and that pushes me to be better... :) Without my mission I can almost guarantee that I would be inactive... Just being out here has made it worth it... :) Plus all the friends I have made, make it a lot more worth it... :)
-Is there anything we can do for you/send you?
That grey sweater that has the little zipper at the top... :)
-How are you and E Larsen getting along?
Really well... You keep asking this question... Do you expect us to not get along?...haha
-When are next transfers?-
On the 10th...
So Thanksgiving was fun... :) We got a lot of freaking food... haha And it was all good... :) Last Thanksgiving was the first time I remember trying the cranberry stuff and I love it! haha On Thursday we had a huge meal! There were ten people there, the family and then both the sisters missionaries in our ward and us... It was fun... :) The family we went to is one of the ones you can joke around with a lot...
Our second Thanksgiving dinner on Friday was great! We had chicken instead of turkey, but it was still really good... :) One thing that stood out to me this Thanksgiving was all the things we do have... Back home I always had everything I needed and really couldn't comprehend not having everything... But since being on my mission and seeing those who don't have all they need or even want, it makes me thankful of what little I do have... I mean I sat down to two huge meals with ease while there are some who maybe only got one little meal... It's interesting to see how the gospel can give more, both spiritually and physically... :)
This past Saturday we helped the family we ate at on Thanks giving move... They just moved to another part of their neighborhood... We got there at 9:30 in the morning, and finished the move at almost 9:00 at night... haha It was a lot of work and it was a stressful move, but it is done and we had a good time... :)
But things are going well... We are getting to talk to a lot more people in Sells and the work is moving a long... :) Only six more months and you'll have to deal with me again!!! :P
I love you all!!! Keep being who you are!!!
Elder Barlocker II

1. Tucson from a hill in our area...
2. The tank in Sells (idk if i'd shown you this...)