Monday, August 26, 2013

Rain drops keep falling on my head, and I am going bald...8/26/2013

Yeah I have heard the new video is everywhere... We have it here in the Gila Valley temple, but I don't know when I will be able to see it; I lose track of when the temple trips are... :\ But I know even if it is far away it will sneak up on me way too fast!!! I hate and love how fast time goes... Life is really too short to not be happy... :) I just can't imagine how fast the eternities will go after this life... :\

But things are going great down here in Arizona! I don't know what is wrong with me but I don't mind the hot days anymore... It kinda feels good... And we have gotten quite a bit of rain down here. Yesterday it rained pretty good, but it didn't flood our front yard so it was kinda disappointing... haha I don't know if I told you guys but the road that goes to our trailer goes through a wash (dry river). And when it rains pretty good it floods and makes the whole area fill with water... Right before I got here E Seare said that it got like four feet of water in it and the water was like shin deep in front of our trailer! I want to see it do that, but it is kinda scary to think about it... So many bad things can happen... ha-ha!

And I have not received the box yet... The mail system sucks in the mission... :( But I am sure I will see it in a week or two... haha

We really haven't been doing anything too exciting... Just trying to find people to teach... This area is infamous for having no work; but we are changing that! This week we have eleven people to go see that we got from the ward... Plus we have to set up like three sets of new member lessons, which the ward should have done long ago...>:(  And then we have to go to the reservation tomorrow for a lesson... It is gunna be a busy week!!! :D And if we find time we might go down to the reservation and spend some time at the rec. center... We were there last week and one of the admins from there said we should come more often to talk with the people and play around with them... So we plan on doing that...haha That is like our only finding idea on the reservation, because I guess the tribe (tohono o'odham) voted against proselyting missionaries; so we can only bring up the gospel if someone comes to us for it... And if we are interacting with the people all the time and they see our badges, someone is bound to ask a question... :) We will see what happens though... It’s a new kind of missionary work for sure... haha

So yeah... I am doing good... :) I hope all keeps going well back home!!! Don't have too much fun up at Cherry Hill without me (whenever that is...)! Before we know it I will be up there too!!! ha-ha!

I love you guys a lot!!!!
Thanks for everything!!!!

 E Barlocker II

Monday, August 19, 2013

What's up Elder? 8/19/2013

What have you been up to lately?
Driving... ha-ha If you want to do work in this area you have to drive a lot! But I like driving long distances so it’s all good... :)

How are you & E' Seare getting along? Please send us a pic!
Do you even have to ask that?! Ha-ha we are getting along great! This is like the dream companionship right here!

How long has he been out?
Just about a month more than me.. :)

Where is he from?
St. Anthony ID

Hey, what is your new area like?
Um... Big... I think our area is like at least 1/6 of the entire mission. There are only a couple zones bigger then our area... And it is hard to do really good missionary work here because there isn't much out here and you have to drive so much. But with a good comp it is bearable and you get things done too!

How many members in the ward/branch?
It’s a pretty small ward... Doesn't even take up the whole chapel... But then we have a group in the reservation and last week there was six attendants that showed up... :)

Any spiritual happenings this past week?
The first thing that comes to mind is the baptism... But I guess that was last week.. :\ But we had a good zone conference that president came to, that was good; long but good...

Are you happy?
No... I am hating life right now... >:(      ;)

Things are going great! I still hate the Jeep with a passion; I think I could accelerate faster than that thing on my bike! But it’s a good thing to have the four wheel drive, cuz yesterday we went with our WML and we had to go down this really bad road. So we put on the four wheel drive, slipped it into low, and drove right through without a problem... :) But it stinks having to fill up every other day... :(

But yeah, other than driving a lot and visiting people nothing too exciting has gone on. It rained a bunch yesterday!!! It was a huge storm! Last night i went out to get my water bottle from the car and ended up spending like 30 min... When I stepped outside a pretty big frog jumped out from under me... So I ran back inside got my camera and took some pics. While I was chasing him I saw another little frog. E' Seare and I took a bunch of pics of him because he would let you put the camera right in his face! And then I went and got my water bottle and right in front of the steps was a tarantula  It was pretty cool... ha-ha What made it funny is Seare is afraid of spiders and I was getting close to it for some pics! Ha-ha. It was a fun night.

And our WML is taking us around to kinda show us where people live and try to find out if people still live in places... It’s long hard, sometimes frustrating work but we are having fun. Plus the WML is a pretty funny guy so it makes it easier... :)

Well I got nothing else... I am pretty sure there are thing that would be interesting to you and normal to me but I am too lazy to think right now... :)

Hope all is still going well back home!!! Keep being an awesome family!!!

Love you all!!!

 E' Barlocker II

1. Little frog! So cute!!!
2. SPIDER!!! If you look close you can see an eye...
3. This is how I choose to display my family! The guys are not normal... lol

Monday, August 12, 2013


I can't wait to drive the convertible!!! Ha-ha! Right now I am stuck with a 2013 jeep compass... The only good thing about it is the four-wheel-drive... haha …its trail rated so it does that cool thing when one wheel starts to slip it and it fixes it and all that! Haha! not that we have tried it out or anything... :)... I looked in the consumer report, and it was the lowest rated in its class... But it does is good. And the mpg is horrible; it should get about 22 or something but we have to fill up every two days... :\ But then again we do drive a lot...

Yesterday was long... We drove for just a little over four hours... We live in the butt middle of nowhere, so it takes about an hour to get anywhere... And on top of that we have to drive down a wash (dry canal) to get to our trailer... But it’s a good sized place, I can’t complain... :) But on Sunday it took us an hour to get to church, then an hour back for lunch. After that we had to head out to the sells Indian reservation for the monthly group meeting. There was a total of six people that showed up... That was interesting... When that was done we had an hour drive back home... Needless to say we took a much needed Sunday nap... :)

The Indian reservation is interesting... There are no addresses and the whole place is an open range, so there is a bunch of wild horses and cattle roaming around! I should have got a pic of one horse, is was really pretty, Jess would have liked it! :) But we had our ward mission leader out showing us around so we could find people next time we came down... Its just weird for them to not have any addresses or anything... Our wml said he had some of the places marked in his gps so he could find them... That got me to thinkin... Dad, you need a better gps right? You should go buy a new one and let a poor little missionary use yours... haha

In this ward we have two sets of missionaries, us and a set of sisters... We cover a huge area while the sisters cover just the in-town where most of the members live. To give you an idea of how big our area is, in the mission if you get 1500 miles a month to use, that's a lot! And we get 3000 each month!!! Our area is bigger than most all of the stakes here in the mission. And it’s weird coming from having two wards, one companionship, on bikes - to one ward two companionships and a crappy jeep... But its good, I like is so far! :)

On Saturday we had a baptism, it was a Tongan couple... So you can imagine there was a good feast afterward! I was so full that day is wasn't even funny... haha But I just can’t help but want to always feel the spirit that is at a baptism... I know we always have the spirit with us, there is just a very special spirit that is present at a baptism... Being a witness and watching each individual get baptized is so cool!!! And the people that got baptized are totally solid, and already have an amazing testimony!

Well I have to go now... But it was nice typing to you! Ha-ha. Things are going good down here, and I hope all continues to go well back home! :) It will feel like a couple more weeks then it will be cherry hill all over again and I will be there! Haha! Time is going by way too fast... :\


E Barlocker II

1. E' Mckenna is home now... :(
2. We are not weird at all...
3. Gila Valley zone pic! :)

Friday, August 2, 2013


What has been going on with you?
Not much... Just doing work... Well mostly trying to find work... This area isn't too exciting when it comes to missionary work, but we are getting what we can done... We have to go down to Sells today to teach our only investigator, he is awesome though. I look forward to driving down there...

Anything exciting or fun?
Every day is fun! haha We went to the temple! It was awesome!

Best/worst of the past 2 weeks?
Yesterday was dumb... Everyone went out of the zone to go to lunch and didn't tell us... So we did absolutely nothing yesterday... There is such a lack of communication between everyone and I always seem to be on the crap end... But hopefully today goes better (I don't see how it can get any worse...).

Teaching anyone?
One guy... His wife is a member, very less active, and he just wants religion in his life... He is really solid and is way cool... I think him and his wife are about two years older then us so it makes it easy to get along...

What is your area like?
Big... This Sunday the EQ pres said that the ward is over 5,000 square miles... The sisters cover only a couple square miles, so that means our area is just a little over 5,000 square miles! It’s crazy... And there is not a lot out in our area... There is one part that is a new home development, but it’s kinda at the edge of our area so it a little drive...

What are your goals for the rest of your mission?
Read the BOM again (want to read it cover to cover each of my last transfers), read all of the D&C, and Read as much of the Bible...

What do you miss the most from home?
Being alone... haha I really don't miss a lot of things... Just being with you guys, going camping and being able to be alone... Don't get me wrong I love E Seare and most of my comps, but I just wish I didn't have to tote around someone everywhere, and have to be responsible for them... :\ But I guess it will prepare me for kids...

Any pranks lately?
No... The closest people to us live about 40 min away... But I have started on some pranks in the apt...

What did you do for Labor-day?
The weekend wasn't any different than any other... There are no more holidays as a missionary... And I did absolutely nothing on Monday .. And I am doing better since it is not Monday any more... haha But things are going good!

So yeah... I guess the biggest thing that has happened is the temple trip... I learned a lot from the session this time, the new video explained things a bit more. It made the week so much better! And one night we went up to the top of the mountain with some other elders to catch the sunset - it was fun... :)

Well thanks for doing those questions... haha it helps me remember my week! :)

I hope all is continuing to go well back home!!! Can't wait till next year at cherry hills!!! :)

Love you guys!!!!

E Barlocker II

P.S. Could you send me the instructions on how to make the peach cobbler... I really want to make some! Haha   Love Ya!!!

2.Sunset with some cactus :)
3. A horny toad we found outside our trailer!