Saturday, June 1, 2013

6/1/2013 JUNE already...

Hello 6/1/2013
Man I can’t believe its already June…
Time is just flying by. It is weird to think now every day I will have less time left than I have been out…I wish time would slow down, but I guess it helps us savor those moments we do have because they fly by too fast sometimes. As I look back on my one year, I see so many things I could have done better. Right now I am trying to refocus and do better. I am not gonna lie, I am still afraid of change, unless there are quarters… But I a realize some things have to change wether we like it or not. So I hope you guys see more blessings back home as I finish out this year!

Now that I got my preaching out of the way…HA HA… Right now there has been a prank war going on…Remember that episode of M*A*S*H, BJ… and the pranks.

So this is how it started…Our DL had the chairs in his apartment stolen then put back. Nobody knows who did it but it got my DL a little paranoid….then some things and the dl’s bedding was missing…. DL went crazy trying to find out who did it. He found out … then their door was blocked with some old tires & my DL said we are gunna start a war! ;) So the next few weeks are gunna be fun…

On the 30th E-Call & I burnt our shirts for our one year mark. It was pretty fun. I made this stand for my shirt to hang on…I just didn’t want to do the regular- put your shirt on the ground and burn it, so I made mine unique. Hopefully I can print some pics off today to send with this…
So that is really all the exciting stuff that has gone on this week…hopefully this upcoming week goes good. It is Tuesday right now, I have slacked off on writing this, but I am having a good week so far…I got the package on Sat!!! The other elders thought it was weird I got chips & salsa…they just don’t know how good it is! And in about two or three days there won’t be any for them to try…
Thank you guys for everything! I really do love each and every one of you!!! Hope your week turns out great!
E. BarlockerII

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