Monday, October 21, 2013


This week was kinda slow... Not much went on, just a lot of locked gates, people avoiding us, and empty houses... :\ But it has been a good week nonetheless... I kinda figure that it you cannot judge the day in the moment, because we are all going to have good and bad parts of the day. And to gauge your day, I believe it comes from your end result feeling - the things you learned and grew from. Plus writing in a journal really does help a lot! I have a habit of writing at the end of each entry "Tomorrow IS going to be a great day!" A positive attitude is needed, even when it's not necessarily wanted... :)

Last night I had a cool/interesting experience with scripture study... I was listening to that song by the UT sate prison, and reading random scriptures... And I don't know what happened but I just felt the spirit way strong! At that moment I knew what I was reading was true! It was just a special moment in life that I'm sure will go a long way! :)

This week we went to the Saguaro National Park! It We live in a desert so to see it condensed isn't too much to get excited about... haha But it was cool to see how many cactus' can be in one place! And some of them get huge! It's amazing to see how tall and what shapes they get into sometimes... haha But it was cool... :)

The other day my iPod fell out of my pocket and cracked the screen... :\ But it still works fine... :) Elder Seare was more sad about the screen breaking then I was... ha-ha I really didn't mind...

So I have been trying to get out letters... They are coming... Slowly... :)

Well that all I have to say... Sorry I don't have a lot to say.. :\ Thanks for all you guys do for me!!!

I love you all!!!

Elder Barlocker II

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


When fall comes in Arizona the colors don't change too much... ha-ha It goes from green and brown to yellow and brown, and the green isn't a real green to start with so... ha-ha But I do miss the fall colors changing... Those bushes look way big... I remember them being a lot smaller... Wow, I guess it has been over a year - but still!

Things have been going good down here... The weather is so dang nice right now! It's cold at night but by morning, when we do our studies, it is just the right temp to open the door, let some cool air in; and by the time we have to leave, it is nice and warm and it just feels good... haha Now only if it could be like this all the time... Plus it would be nice if it would snow... :\

The work is going... The whole zone is kinda struggling right now, and the ZL's are freaking out about it... ha-ha But such is missionary work, sometimes it's up and others it is down... Elder Seare and I have been getting a lot done in this area, well more then this area is use to... ha-ha But I am starting to see the work pick up, so that's good... :) Plus we have this one guy we are teaching that is awesome, and there seems to be a little more potential out on the reservation now...

We had our Sunday mtg. on the reservation this last Sunday. It was a good turnout. :) There were a total of eight people from the reservation there, including our investigator! Yeah- go us! haha It was a good service... Usually our ward mission leader does the whole thing by himself, but this time we got it all organized and had other people do the talks and stuff... It was a good Sunday...

Well not much else has gone on lately... I have been sending letters out as I get them, so expect some mail! I've got nothing else to say so, I'll let you guys get back to your busy lives! Save some yard work for me! ;)

Love you guys!

 E Barlocker II

Monday, October 7, 2013


I got to see all of conference... And I don't remember who said what, but I did take notes for each speaker so if I had that I could tell you... haha But one thing I remember was stressed a lot was everyone being a missionary and how we have to prepare ourselves for things to come... It was a good conference. :)


-Are you getting things done that you want to?
More or less... This transfer is weird... I thought I knew what I wanted to do but each day I find something else I want to accomplish .. But I am sticking with what I need to do first. :)

-How are things going at your place?
Good... We had inspections the other day, and seeing as it was the first one in well over a year and I don't have much time to deep clean, we have to find some time to deep clean everything... And on top of that our fridge isn't working. I will turn on them after a while it will turn off... I have taken it apart a couple times to see if I can do anything... And each time I do it runs a little better... Haha

-What spiritual experiences have you had in the past few weeks?
Just seeing the change in our investigator... He knows what he need to do and is doing it! I haven't had an investigator like him my whole mission. He is enjoying the BOM and getting stuff out of it, plus he is praying and getting his whole family involved! He is freaking legit!

-Where did you watch conference?
We watched the first Sunday session at a members home. The dad there reminds me a lot of uncle Lynn, just w/out all the guns... ;) And the rest we just watched at the stake center... :)

-How much were you able to watch/listen to? Watch/all :)

-Are you staying healthy?
As far as I know... I found out I cannot fast anymore... :( Every time I do, I get a migraine and last time my fingers went numb... But there have been some special occasions that I have been able to fast so... But I am healthy and still alive!

-Good things of the last week?
The whole week was just good... The days fly by so fast I can't remember a lot but all I know is, as God would say "it was good"...

-Hopes and wishes? I hope things don't fly by too fast, but I wish I was home with you guys right now... haha

-Goal for the week/month?
One goal I have is to read Jesus the Christ... It will take a while, but I have been enjoying it... And on top of that the President Killpack challenged us to finish the New Testament before CHRISTmas... 

-Anything FUN happen? Yes, but I can't remember... I know something fun must have happened...

Yes... When we were at the Priesthood session we carpooled with a member, so our car was just sitting at their house. So when we got back it was covered in Oreos... And I have been using silly string a lot... :) Right now we are about to finish another one... I have to write about it and tell you how it goes...

-What is the weather like down in AZ?
It's is pretty good... Has it's hot parts of the day, but I like the weather right now... :)

-Are you happy? No, not at all... ;)

Well I tried to get letters out last week, ended up only getting one written... haha I will work on that though... :)

I hope all is going well back home! Things are going great down here!

Love you all!!!
E Barlocker II