Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear Family, 5/31/12

I am just ending my second day here at the MTC. And Dad,
I know what you meant when you said you wanted to come
home…but I am going to make all of you proud.

Thanks for the package, although we just got our
mail today and I can’t get it till tomorrow.

My companion is Elder Williamson and is from Texas;
and Dad hit it right on the spot, he has a southern type drawl.
But he is a great guy.

I hope you guys are doing well at home.
I am doing just fine here. All I have been told is
if I make it to Sunday it goes by faster.

But again I hope all is well. And just wanted to say to each of you,
Mom, Dad, Marci, Kaitlyn, Jessica, Kevin, and Nathan
Thanks for being there for me.

With all the love in the world,

Elder Jaren A. Barlocker

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