Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012 First EMAIL!!!

Thanks so much for the email!
So the answers to those questions….
- My favorite instructor is Bro. Bradley
- I think I am getting enough sleep, by the end of the day I am way tired.
- I am getting along extremely well with the other elders of my district and I think sometimes we have a little too much fun. Like today we saw a starch can at the end of the hallway and so we sat at the other end and tried to hit it; I was the only one to hit it!
- I like both of the packages a lot, but the other elders in my room do not want anything so I have been eating a lot, like the whole bag of candy bars. What I have now might hold me out to the end of the MTC… haha!!

One thing I need is some envelopes and maybe some stamps.

The computer will not let me upload pictures to the email right now, but it might just be this computer… I will maybe try later or you will just have to wait until next week.

But everything is fine here, still getting use to it though. I hope everybody is doing fine.

Oh and tell Kevin and Nathan THANKS FOR THE LETTERS! And thanks for all the letters and packages!

Hoping all is well,

Elder Barlocker

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