Monday, August 26, 2013

Rain drops keep falling on my head, and I am going bald...8/26/2013

Yeah I have heard the new video is everywhere... We have it here in the Gila Valley temple, but I don't know when I will be able to see it; I lose track of when the temple trips are... :\ But I know even if it is far away it will sneak up on me way too fast!!! I hate and love how fast time goes... Life is really too short to not be happy... :) I just can't imagine how fast the eternities will go after this life... :\

But things are going great down here in Arizona! I don't know what is wrong with me but I don't mind the hot days anymore... It kinda feels good... And we have gotten quite a bit of rain down here. Yesterday it rained pretty good, but it didn't flood our front yard so it was kinda disappointing... haha I don't know if I told you guys but the road that goes to our trailer goes through a wash (dry river). And when it rains pretty good it floods and makes the whole area fill with water... Right before I got here E Seare said that it got like four feet of water in it and the water was like shin deep in front of our trailer! I want to see it do that, but it is kinda scary to think about it... So many bad things can happen... ha-ha!

And I have not received the box yet... The mail system sucks in the mission... :( But I am sure I will see it in a week or two... haha

We really haven't been doing anything too exciting... Just trying to find people to teach... This area is infamous for having no work; but we are changing that! This week we have eleven people to go see that we got from the ward... Plus we have to set up like three sets of new member lessons, which the ward should have done long ago...>:(  And then we have to go to the reservation tomorrow for a lesson... It is gunna be a busy week!!! :D And if we find time we might go down to the reservation and spend some time at the rec. center... We were there last week and one of the admins from there said we should come more often to talk with the people and play around with them... So we plan on doing that...haha That is like our only finding idea on the reservation, because I guess the tribe (tohono o'odham) voted against proselyting missionaries; so we can only bring up the gospel if someone comes to us for it... And if we are interacting with the people all the time and they see our badges, someone is bound to ask a question... :) We will see what happens though... It’s a new kind of missionary work for sure... haha

So yeah... I am doing good... :) I hope all keeps going well back home!!! Don't have too much fun up at Cherry Hill without me (whenever that is...)! Before we know it I will be up there too!!! ha-ha!

I love you guys a lot!!!!
Thanks for everything!!!!

 E Barlocker II

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