Monday, August 19, 2013

What's up Elder? 8/19/2013

What have you been up to lately?
Driving... ha-ha If you want to do work in this area you have to drive a lot! But I like driving long distances so it’s all good... :)

How are you & E' Seare getting along? Please send us a pic!
Do you even have to ask that?! Ha-ha we are getting along great! This is like the dream companionship right here!

How long has he been out?
Just about a month more than me.. :)

Where is he from?
St. Anthony ID

Hey, what is your new area like?
Um... Big... I think our area is like at least 1/6 of the entire mission. There are only a couple zones bigger then our area... And it is hard to do really good missionary work here because there isn't much out here and you have to drive so much. But with a good comp it is bearable and you get things done too!

How many members in the ward/branch?
It’s a pretty small ward... Doesn't even take up the whole chapel... But then we have a group in the reservation and last week there was six attendants that showed up... :)

Any spiritual happenings this past week?
The first thing that comes to mind is the baptism... But I guess that was last week.. :\ But we had a good zone conference that president came to, that was good; long but good...

Are you happy?
No... I am hating life right now... >:(      ;)

Things are going great! I still hate the Jeep with a passion; I think I could accelerate faster than that thing on my bike! But it’s a good thing to have the four wheel drive, cuz yesterday we went with our WML and we had to go down this really bad road. So we put on the four wheel drive, slipped it into low, and drove right through without a problem... :) But it stinks having to fill up every other day... :(

But yeah, other than driving a lot and visiting people nothing too exciting has gone on. It rained a bunch yesterday!!! It was a huge storm! Last night i went out to get my water bottle from the car and ended up spending like 30 min... When I stepped outside a pretty big frog jumped out from under me... So I ran back inside got my camera and took some pics. While I was chasing him I saw another little frog. E' Seare and I took a bunch of pics of him because he would let you put the camera right in his face! And then I went and got my water bottle and right in front of the steps was a tarantula  It was pretty cool... ha-ha What made it funny is Seare is afraid of spiders and I was getting close to it for some pics! Ha-ha. It was a fun night.

And our WML is taking us around to kinda show us where people live and try to find out if people still live in places... It’s long hard, sometimes frustrating work but we are having fun. Plus the WML is a pretty funny guy so it makes it easier... :)

Well I got nothing else... I am pretty sure there are thing that would be interesting to you and normal to me but I am too lazy to think right now... :)

Hope all is still going well back home!!! Keep being an awesome family!!!

Love you all!!!

 E' Barlocker II

1. Little frog! So cute!!!
2. SPIDER!!! If you look close you can see an eye...
3. This is how I choose to display my family! The guys are not normal... lol

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