Tuesday, October 15, 2013


When fall comes in Arizona the colors don't change too much... ha-ha It goes from green and brown to yellow and brown, and the green isn't a real green to start with so... ha-ha But I do miss the fall colors changing... Those bushes look way big... I remember them being a lot smaller... Wow, I guess it has been over a year - but still!

Things have been going good down here... The weather is so dang nice right now! It's cold at night but by morning, when we do our studies, it is just the right temp to open the door, let some cool air in; and by the time we have to leave, it is nice and warm and it just feels good... haha Now only if it could be like this all the time... Plus it would be nice if it would snow... :\

The work is going... The whole zone is kinda struggling right now, and the ZL's are freaking out about it... ha-ha But such is missionary work, sometimes it's up and others it is down... Elder Seare and I have been getting a lot done in this area, well more then this area is use to... ha-ha But I am starting to see the work pick up, so that's good... :) Plus we have this one guy we are teaching that is awesome, and there seems to be a little more potential out on the reservation now...

We had our Sunday mtg. on the reservation this last Sunday. It was a good turnout. :) There were a total of eight people from the reservation there, including our investigator! Yeah- go us! haha It was a good service... Usually our ward mission leader does the whole thing by himself, but this time we got it all organized and had other people do the talks and stuff... It was a good Sunday...

Well not much else has gone on lately... I have been sending letters out as I get them, so expect some mail! I've got nothing else to say so, I'll let you guys get back to your busy lives! Save some yard work for me! ;)

Love you guys!

 E Barlocker II

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