Monday, October 21, 2013


This week was kinda slow... Not much went on, just a lot of locked gates, people avoiding us, and empty houses... :\ But it has been a good week nonetheless... I kinda figure that it you cannot judge the day in the moment, because we are all going to have good and bad parts of the day. And to gauge your day, I believe it comes from your end result feeling - the things you learned and grew from. Plus writing in a journal really does help a lot! I have a habit of writing at the end of each entry "Tomorrow IS going to be a great day!" A positive attitude is needed, even when it's not necessarily wanted... :)

Last night I had a cool/interesting experience with scripture study... I was listening to that song by the UT sate prison, and reading random scriptures... And I don't know what happened but I just felt the spirit way strong! At that moment I knew what I was reading was true! It was just a special moment in life that I'm sure will go a long way! :)

This week we went to the Saguaro National Park! It We live in a desert so to see it condensed isn't too much to get excited about... haha But it was cool to see how many cactus' can be in one place! And some of them get huge! It's amazing to see how tall and what shapes they get into sometimes... haha But it was cool... :)

The other day my iPod fell out of my pocket and cracked the screen... :\ But it still works fine... :) Elder Seare was more sad about the screen breaking then I was... ha-ha I really didn't mind...

So I have been trying to get out letters... They are coming... Slowly... :)

Well that all I have to say... Sorry I don't have a lot to say.. :\ Thanks for all you guys do for me!!!

I love you all!!!

Elder Barlocker II

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