Monday, February 10, 2014

15!!!!! 2/10/2014

-What's new Arizona?
Not much.. The weather is sure great! haha I wish it would stay like this all the time! :)
-How have you been lately?
I've been good......... At least I'm still sane and alive... This is a really tough transfer,
But other than that, I am going good... :) I have been studying the Atonement a lot lately and it has lifted my spirits and helped me live happier... :)
-Best day the past week?
I would have to say yesterday! We had the Sells sacrament meeting and it went great! Instead of having our ward mission leader conduct the mtg. we are now going to be doing that from now on! :) This is my second time conducting and getting everything organized, it is kinda fun... :) But we just had a good turnout and had some good messages... :)
-Spiritual experience this past week or two?
Just remind me to show you my study journal from this past week when I get home... I just had a good experience studying the Atonement... :)
-Bed bugs gone? YUCK!!! Makes my skin crawl!
Yup, they've been gone for a while now... :) I've been able to sleep tight and not let the bedbugs bite... :)
-I know I already asked but maybe you what are your plans in 3.5 months?
Get a job and a car... That's as far as I've got... And school, after a bit... :)
-Newmont? SLCC?
Yes... :) And BYU-I is on the table too... :)
But things are moving along... :) A lot of people have been cancelling their appointments or just don't call back, but we are trying to get a hold of them... :) But it was just a big week of nothing to do and closed doors... But I have learned a lot this week, so I think it was good... :)
Okay,...I found friends out here that actually care... Sorry if that sounds kinda harsh, but it is what it is... :\ I have made some real friends out here that keep me going... :)
I am going to finish my mission strong! I've seen too much failure and disappointment, but I have a drive now that I have never had before... :) The Atonement is real! Christ did suffer and die for each one of us, and His Atonement fixes us, heals us, then continues to nourish us - as long as we are willing to apply it to each and every day of our lives!
Thanks for everything!
Elder Barlocker II

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