Monday, February 3, 2014

LIFE IS GOOD! 2/3/2014

Yeah this week wasn't the most successful when it comes to the work... But I did learn a lot about acting on promptings... :) It's something I never really did a lot before and didn't understand... But now I know what it feels like to not act on a prompting you know you should... It is a horrible feeling... But the satisfaction you get from fulfilling it, is awesome! :) It's kind of scary to think that you HAVE to act on ALL the promptings you get, no matter the circumstances... It's essentially God laying out a purpose for you and you have to do it! :) And once you can decipher what satan is trying to make you do and a real prompting, it is so easy; as long as we stay worthy of the spirit! :)
So not a lot went on this week... We had two days where we had to go down to the reservation! Those were the two most productive days! haha The ward leaders still think it's a waste of time going down there, ... But it's whatevs... I have a lot more success down there then closer to town, so I'm gunna do what'll touch the lives of more people... :) But our two investigators down there are doing awesome! One of them had a hard time reading the BoM, but we sat and read right through the first four chapters and he loved it! We left him with chapter five to read, lets hope he did! :) The other guy we are teaching down there has no problem reading the BoM! He in fact loves it! :) We don't ever have to give him reading assignments, he just does it! haha I think he is just about to finish up 2 Nephi, he hated the Isaiah chapters... haha don't we all... :)
But yeah, nothing much exiting happened... I honestly can't remember what else I did... I'll just have you guys read my journal and stuff if you really want the good stuff... haha :)

But I gotta get going... I'll try to respond to the letters this time {maybe in one big one}, but I'm looking forward to those letter! :)
Thanks for everything! You guys are awesome! :) 
Love you all!
Elder Barlocker for four more months! 

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