Monday, August 20, 2012

This week has been long… 8/20/2012

I don't need sunscreen, I just use sunglasses!
I did get that package on Friday, we were at the mission office and went through the mail.

This week has been long, but it was fun. Our mornings are always filled with something it seemed like so we didn't always study as much. But we took time to do that later in the day. We did get one new investigator this week but he seems not to be all there, so we will see what happens. But all of our other investigators are doing great! We still cannot find the one that walked out on church last week though... And we are having fun with the work!

I forgot to mention last week that we got into a car-share! So now we have the car every other day. It is a little '08 Ford Fusion and the missionaries before that haven't been taking too good of car for it. But it is fun to drive. I am the preferred driver if we need to get somewhere fast; but not to brag or anything, I am also the most careful driver. One of the E's in my district that we share the car with should not be driving at all! But it makes things a lot easier to do.

And one night we had dinner with an older couple named the Taylors. They said that he had a brother in Riverton, I asked if he knew Dan and Sherron, but he didn't. Does Dan have an uncle or something in Riverton?

Nothing big has happened this week though. It has just been another great week! We didn't have any gross meals luckily. But I am now starting to like a lot of things I didn't before; like now I eat mushrooms, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and all that. The only thing I still do not eat is pickles... But I am getting fed well here.

So I do not have too much more time and I still have to email President, so I will get to that and attaching some pictures.

With all the LOVE in the world,
Elder Barlocker II

P.S. Does Marci have my room yet? Just wondering...

Zone Bowling!

Elder Frazen on the organ

Our most solid investigator!
Little Lizard outside our door 

Storm Brewing

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