Monday, August 6, 2012

CALMER WEEK? NO! 8/6/2012

Beetle that we see flying all around

8/6/2012   Yeah!!! I did get the little package but it was delayed because of transfers but it arrived! Thanks!

This week has been fun. Yesterday was a great Sunday, but it rained a ton so after church we didn’t do much. It rained for a couple hours on and off throughout the night. There was one strike of lightning that hit pretty close and was extremely loud! I love the rain and I love not being caught in it.

We have been getting a lot of flat tires lately. Elder Mckenna found a screw in his tire the other day. So we have been making a couple of trips to the bike store to get new tires and such. I have so many patches on my back tire it is crazy. I did get an extra tube just to be safe. One thing that I cannot find for a good price is a little bike repair/tool kit. They have some at the bike store we go to but they are way expensive. So if you guys find a cheap one that would be awesome if you could send me one!

This Sunday we only had one investigator out to church, well two but that is a whole different story. But the investigators we have are really solid. It is amazing to see how the gospel affects others. It really makes me realize how much I take for granted. We have so many blessings we don’t even know!
But I am happy the Lord has blessed me with all he has.

It is going to be weird coming home in two years because our house is a mansion compared to a lot of peoples down here. Our ghettos in Utah are their normal, at least in my area.

So, nothing too exiting this week, but a lot of good and spiritual times. I will try to take more pics and have more to tell you next time. But I want you to know that I am trying my hardest and doing my best.
I LOVE you all and appreciate all that you do for me!

With all the love in the world
Elder Barlocker II

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