Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baby its cold outside 10/9/2012

YES! I did get the salsa, but it only lasted me a couple of days! One thing you could add is some kick. (& it did have some kick to it) Maybe it had some but I am so use to having hot things, like habanero salsa, I didn't feel it. But it was really good and much needed! THANKS!

I did get to see conference. It was pretty cool that Tucson is getting a temple. That is one thing that I have been hearing a lot about since being down here. Everybody always says Tucson needs a temple... Now we are going to get one! And the change of the age limit for missionaries... That is pretty cool. There is going to be a lot more missionaries coming out now!

It is good to see that all is going well, especially in the office! The weather is pretty good down here, not as cool as it is up there but it feels great! I hear that it get down to about 60-70 degrees in the winter. That is going to be really nice!

Well I hope everything goes great for you all this week! I hope you all take the opportunity to be a missionary! LOVE you all!!!!

Elder Barlocker II

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