Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10/23/2012 The weather is getting pretty cool down here now.

The weather is getting pretty cool down here now. This morning was pretty chilly. But it heats up fast! But the cooler weather is making it nice for bike riding.

And it is going to be weird with all new leadership in the ward and stake when I get back. Things change way too fast...

But I am doing fine down here. E' Seare left and I have a new companion, E' Espinoza, from Las Vegas. He seems pretty cool. I have only been with him for a couple of hours so I really can't say much right now. But this transfer should be interesting...

I don't know if I told you guys but we have the ASL  Elders in our zone. One of them is totally deaf. It is fun to try to talk with him, plus I am learning a little sign language. But the scary thing is riding in the car with them. Because to talk they have to take their eyes off the road and look at the other person to see what he is saying. Plus one of them is just a crazy driver.

I now have four suits. I got two three-piece suits from a donation store, like the DI. – (see one in a pic of E’ Seare & I)

And if you can believe me, I forgot my camera today. Sorry! I will try to get it here next week. Today was really busy...

Well I hope all is going well! Everything is going great here!

Love you all!!!

E' Barlocker II
***Here are some pics, we ran back to the apartment to get my camera!***
1. A baptism we had a couple of weeks ago 
2. Cuff links a member gave me
3. A Beatles mug I bought
4. E' Seare 
5. Zone Pic!
6. E' Seare and I
Love you all!

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