Monday, January 14, 2013

BURRRR...Ummmm... When is SPRING??? 1/14/2013

This week went by way fast. We did a lot but it seems we didn't to that much because it flew by so quickly. Plus we were looking forward to transfer calls. We found out last night that E' C is leaving. He is headed to my first area, the Binghampton ward in Tucson! I am kinda jealous... But I am getting an elder, E' Woodland, that I know; so it is a little better then not knowing who the heck the elder is going to be.

The weather down here has been pretty dang cold. Cold enough that everyone's pipes have been freezing at night. Ours did that on Sunday so I had to take a sponge bath with freezing cold water. Turns out people in Arizona do not know how to insulate their pipes... But it hasn't been as cold as it is up where you guys are.

The other day we were driving back from San Simon, which is about a 50 mile drive, at night and the wind was blowing way hard. At some points the whole area would light up because there was so much dust in the air and the headlights would light the sky up. And as usual I was driving; I always drive the long distances because E' Childs likes to read his books and things. Anyways, it was dark outside to say the least, and we were going a little over the speed limit. And all of a sudden I see some figures cross the road. The first thing I think of is "Oh crap, I am going to hit a javelina (wild pig)  at **mph!! So I hit the brakes. It only turned out to be a couple tumbleweeds rolling across the road. It was kinda funny but it could have turned out bad. So, we kept on driving. I got back up to my preferred speed and kept going along. Then about five min. later, we were coming around a bend in the road when a four foot round tumbleweed decides to come out on to the road. It hit the front driver side of the car. Scared the carp out of me and E' Childs. Luckily it didn't do anything to the car, because it made a loud sound and exploded. That is probably the most interesting thing that happened to me this week.

Well, this coming week starts a new adventure on my mission. I hope that the new elder is still as cool as I remember him.

Hope everything is going good back home! I LOVE you guys!!!

E' Barlocker II

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