Monday, May 6, 2013

5/6/2013 Wonderful Weather!

Things have been going well this week. Saturday we got two new baptismal dates set! And I have seen people like this before where they seem sincere but you know they are not gunna follow through when they say they will be at church tomorrow... Especially when they say they will have to work early in the morning, go to church, then go back to work... But I was surprised to see them at church the next day! And they are way sincere about doing this. I am way excited to see them get baptized!

Other then that nothing too exciting has gone on... Just a lot of people not home and more and more boring times. But we always find a way to have fun. Like lately I have been taking up fire eating... That is interesting... :) I only singed my eyebrows once and they still look normal, so all is good there... ha ha! Lets just say fire is a good stress reliever. ;)

We don't have anything big planned this week or even today. We are just gunna take thing easy today and get all the necessities done. I didn't get any pics from this week because nothing 'pic worthy' happened but I will get some this week! Maybe I will get you guys a video of the fire eating... :)

So I hope all is going well back home still! Don't change the house too much before I come home... ha ha! I Love you all!!!
(we have totally re-vamped the front yard since he has been gone)

E' Barlocker II

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