Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another holiday over... 9/3/2013

What has been going on with you?
Not much... Just doing work... Well mostly trying to find work... This area isn't too exciting when it comes to missionary work, but we are getting what we can done... We have to go down to Sells today to teach our only investigator, he is awesome though. I look forward to driving down there...

Anything exciting or fun?
Every day is fun! Haha! We went to the temple! It was awesome!

Best/worst of the past 2 weeks?
Yesterday was dumb... Everyone went out of the zone to go to lunch and didn't tell us... So we did absolutely nothing yesterday... But hopefully today goes better (I don't see how it can get any worse...).

Teaching anyone?
One guy... His wife is a member, very less active, and he just wants religion in his life... He is really solid and is way cool... I think him and his wife are about two years older than us so it makes it easy to get along...

What is your area like?
Big... This Sunday the EQ pres said that the ward is over 5,000 square miles... The sisters cover only a couple square miles, so that means our area is just a little over 5,000 square miles! It’s crazy... And there is not a lot out in our area... There is one part that is a new home development, but it’s kinda a the edge of our area so it is a little drive...

What are your goals for the rest of your mission?
Read the BOM again (want to read it cover to cover each of my last transfers), read all of the D&C, and Read as much of the Bible as I can.

Who do you miss the most about home?
Being alone... haha…. I really don't miss a lot of things... Just being with you guys, going camping and being able to be alone... Don't get me wrong I love E Seare and most of my comps, but I just wish I didn't have to tote around someone everywhere, and have to be responsible for them... :\ But I guess it will prepare me for kids...

Any pranks lately?
No... The closest people to us live about 40 min away... But I have started on some pranks in the apt...

So yeah... I guess the biggest thing that has happened is the temple trip... I learned a lot from the session this time, the new video explained things a bit more. It made the week so much better! And one night we went up to the top of the mountain with some other elders to catch the sunset - it was fun... :)

Well thanks for doing those questions... haha it helps me remember my week! :)

I hope all is continuing to go well back home!!! Can't wait till next year at cherry hills!!! :)

Love you guys!!!!

E Barlocker II

P.S. Could you send me the instructions on how to make the peach cobbler... I really want to make some! Haha!

1. Sunset with some cactus :)
2. Utah!!!
3. A horny toad we found outside our trailer!

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