Tuesday, November 5, 2013


-How was your week?
It has been good! :)

-What is your new comp like?
He is awesome! Think of the nicest person you have ever met and thats him! ha-ha

-Where is he from? 

-Getting along so far?
Heck yeah! ha-ha It would be hard not to get along with him... :)

-What's the weather like lately?
Great! Not too hot and the nights it gets cold!

Well this week was just another stressful week... Not too stressful though, Elder Larsen has made it the most bearable transition so far... :) We've just been getting him use to the area... There is a lot to get use to cuz it is so different from all other areas in the mission... ha-ha. I took him down to the Nation (reservation) last Saturday and we didn't get as much done as I wanted, but we had a good time! It just makes me sad how little attention they get down there... I hope you guys are giving the needed attention to people back home - you have not excuse not too, they're all within walking distance! Just sayin'...

But it's still the same old same old... It's going well though... :) Sorry I didn't email yesterday, Elder Larsen got really sick... So we spent the whole day at home... But he is doing better now! It was really hard for me to be stuck in the trailer all day long... ha-ha But I got a lot of study in, so that's good! :)

Sorry I don't have a lot to talk about... Everything is going good and nothing too exciting has happened yet, so... I'll let ya'll know if something does come up... :)

I'll have some pics next week too... sorry...

Love You ALL!!!!

 Elder Barlocker II

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