Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just Chugging Along...1/21/2014

I have no idea who that family is you were talking about in the ward... haha But that's cool! :)
Things are going good down here... :) We just had transfer calls last night, and it turns out I'm staying another transfer here! That is very rare that anyone stays in an area for five transfers... I even started packing before we got the call because I was sure I was leaving... haha I got quite a bit packed and still haven't unpacked it... haha But I'm getting an Elder Foster... I served around him in the Gila, he's pretty cool... It should be a good transfer... :)
But we are just trying to stay busy... We are getting a lot of referrals but none of them are going anywhere... We don't even get to meet half of them... Nobody is ever home!!! But it's all going good... :) Plus the ward is starting to get on things more... Which is nice... :)
But yeah... My mind is all caught up in transfer stuff right now... I can't think of anything else to say... But I'll fill you in on everything next week!!! I'm sure I'll have a lot to say... :)
Love you guys!
See ya in a couple months!!!
Elder Barlocker

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