Monday, January 13, 2014

WAZZZ UP? 1/13/2014

Well I'm glad my mission got you out of a calling... I can come home now and have served a complete mission... haha
But things are going good down here... :) The weather is awesome! haha The other day we were driving all day with the windows open... It was in the mid to low 70's... :) But it does get a little chilly at nights... I'm just glad I'm coming home in May, and not during the winter time... The heat has gotten to me... :\
So on Saturday we were supposed go hear Elder Holland talk up in Phoenix, but his schedule got changed so we didn't get to see him... But we still did go to the mtg. and got to hear from Elder Wright from the seventy... It was a good mtg...
Yesterday was the sacrament mtg. out on the res.... Our ward mission leader usually conducts and presides at the mtg, but on his way down his car broke down... So he gave us permission, through the bishop, to run the mtg... :) I took charge and conducted and set everything up... It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be... It was just weird being like the presiding authority... haha But we had a good mtg. down there and I guess our ward mission leader got his car fixed and all is good there... :)
Other then that this week has been pretty normal... Nothing else too special... But things are going good... We have transfer calls next Sunday so we'll see what happens with that...
Well I gotta get going, the timer is running low... I'll see ya in about 4 months now... :|
Love ya'll
Elder Barlocker II

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