Monday, July 2, 2012

ARIZONA…! July??? What happened to June?

July 2, 2012
Yeah...95+ is not bad at all, one day this week was at least 110! But I am getting a good tan so I cannot complain. =)

I have some new scars from the mountain biking but other than that and a couple of scabs I am just fine. And I did get a lock but I had to take back the pieces after the first day. So after I got the lock we went to go tracking and locked our bikes to a pole. When we were finished my keys would not work for it. And I had tested it out before we left. But we had to get home because a member was coming to drop off dinner. So we prayed to get the lock undone, but nothing (that was like the 3rd prayer I said).

As we were walking back I noticed that we would not be home in time so I prayed that somehow we could get back on time. I had no idea how that would even happen. But as we were walking some guy pulls up in a ’67 Mustang and asks if we need a ride.

We kinda debated about it for a second and took him up on the offer. It turned out that is was the guy who owned the apartments we are staying in and he is a member. Anyways we got back home right on time to get dinner. I know that having that guy driving down the road at that point in time had to be something other than a coincidence; it was an answer to my prayer.

A little later in the day we went back with a member and tried out my other key, but no luck. We went over to another members house, the Bingham’s (yes their family is from Utah), and got a pole cutter and got my bike off. Now I have a new lock that works perfectly, so far…

My companion is from Farmington Utah, and I think I told you in the last email that he is into magic too! He even uses Ellusionist! But he also can beat-box pretty good too. He has almost been out one year.

But everything here is going smoothly now. We are getting a couple more baptismal dates and all that, so the work is going good! Plus I am starting to get the hang of things down here!

I finally brought my camera so I will try to send some pictures.

I hope you guys are all doing great, I am! I LOVE you all!!!

This is what happens when you leave paper in your back pocket!

A bit SHARP!!!
Elder Barlocker II

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