Monday, July 9, 2012

DUH! JULY 9, 2012

Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 5:37 PM
Mid 90′s actually feels good believe it or not. We love it when it is 95, that is perfect. But now the monsoon season is starting so we are going to get a lot of rain. I already saw a little storm, it was like the one we saw in NY but it lasted a couple of hours. Luckily we had just got back from a district mtg. and we walked into our apartment right as it started raining. In fact that was on the 4th. The street behind our apartment was a river pretty much. Everybody said it was just a little storm, I cannot wait for a real monsoon!

Everything is crazy down here especially on p-days, so it is hard to get a lot done. So I might not be able to get to those letters and thing as soon as I thought. And I forgot my camera today because we have been rushing all day and left my cord in the apartment. So next week I will try to pack it into my bag. So sorry about that.

Just the other day I went on a split with my district leader, Elder Bean. I went over into his area and worked with him. It was a fun time. I guess him and his companion caught a lizard in a senior companions apartment. They left it in a Quaker oatmeal jar at the building, so we went and picked it up. Then Elder Bean called someone in his ward and said we had a pet for her grandchildren. She accepted the pet but wasn’t home, so we had to take care of it for the day. So we went and got it some crickets down at an exotic pet store and fed him. Elder Bean named him Godzilla. One time Elder Bean went to touch him and the lizard hissed at him. So I decided to try… It didn’t hiss at me so I went all the way and touched its back. The thing did a whole 180 and tried to bite my finger!
Taking care of GODZILLA!

It scared the crap out of both of us. Then when we were going to go and put him in another room, the front door started opening. Some random lady started walking in… We both starred at here, she saw us and said “Oh…sorry…” and tried to shut the door; but it took her like three times to shut it. We were both in shock and  kinda laughing… It was weird. But we had fun on the split.

I remember dad asking what my daily schedule was like:
6:30 Wake up and shower
7:00 – 8:00 Get ready and eat breakfast
8:00- 10:00 Studies
10:00 – 11:00 More study or appointments
12:00 – Lunch
1:00 – 4:00 – Go tracting or go to appointment
5:00 – Dinner
6:45 – Go to appointments with a member
9:00 – return home and get all calls made for the next day and maybe have some fun…
10:30 – go to bed
Maybe I will give a more indepth schedule in a letter or something. But that is the basic day for me.

 I hope you guys are having fun the cool weather up there. It has been hot the past couple of day here, but we hear the rain is coming soon! I will have to send pics of the rain next week, it is crazy!
Hope everyone is doing fine and being nice I LOVE you all!!!

Love Elder Barlocker II

P.S. Thanks for the picture Nate! If you guys could send some pics of you guys once in a while that would be awesome!

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