Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9/4/2012 Here Comes FALL!

This past week had just been another regular week. Transfers are coming up, so things will be switching up soon. But I have been having a lot of fun down here in Arizona. And yesterday was a holiday, as I am sure you know, so the library wasn't open and we couldn't email. 

The weather has been pretty good lately. Just the other day it was down in the cool 90's! And we have been getting some good rain storms. But more sun then rain lately though. You guys do not know a rain storm until you see a monsoon. It is pretty cool. But it is just funny that the 90's feels amazing, I cannot wait until I get back home and feel how cold it is ;) And I hear the winters down here are really nice.

I did go to a family reunion this weekend though. It was one of the members in my ward that always has us over for dinners. It was way fun. We ate and played volley ball and had a blast! And I even was talking about Cherry Hill this week without even thinking about it. 

But if I had one word to describe this week it would be, stressful. It has been good and all but things have been coming up that have effected elders I am friends with and investigators. Just more ways that satan can get into any situation and destroy it. But I am remaining strong! I know how satan can get me and am stopping him at every try! I love the protection we get as missionaries!

Well I hope that all of you guys are having fun! And I urge you all to try to share the gospel whenever you have the chance. I took me a bit to figure that is our purpose as members of Gods church, to share it with everybody and allow them to receive the rewards it has for them. It is hard, and I think that only Dad and I know just how hard it can be, from what I know. But I promise you, if you strive to share what you know with others you WILL be blessed! But do not force it on anybody...

With all the love in the world and more,

Elder Barlocker II

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  1. Wow, he seems to have a glow around him! Seriously, he looks really good.