Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012 TRANSFERS...

Families in my area I visited with before transfers...

My District 

Zone Training

Elder Barlocker & Elder McKenna 
Well I am in another area now. I moved to the east to the zone next to my old one. I am still getting use to it, but it has only been a couple of hours. my new companion is E' Seare. He has only been out one more transfer more then me so neither of us have been out very long. But it looks like a good area. I had a hard time leaving my old area though, that ward was way awesome! I had a really hard time coming to terms with it, and I am still in one of my dazes... but it will wear off eventually.

But other than everything switching up the week was pretty normal. We had a bunch of lessons and got - I think -two new investigators, but now that I am not in that area it really doesn't matter. The time has flown by so fast though! I don't even think I was in my last area for 12 weeks, more like two weeks... Pretty soon two years will be gone and I will be home. Well I will be home for a month, then I am going to mexico; because a family in my last area invited me to go to Rocky Point with them around July of 2014, They are owners of a timeshare down there and wanted E' Mckenna and I to come along with them. But if we come back before then or you come to pick me up you will have to meet this family. They are amazing!!!

So yeah, my week was just another wonderful week here in Arizona. I am in a new place now so it will take some getting use to. But I am enjoying myself, learning a lot, and teaching a bunch.

But it is good to hear everything is good back home! And I will be looking forward to that salsa. I have not found a good salsa like ours down here. Some members have made some good salsa, but I think ours still beat it by a long shot!

Well don't know what else to tell you guys about. I know I had some other things, but my mind is still trying to get use to all the new things right now. If I remember I will write you guys a letter. So I will get some pictures on here.

Three families I visited before I left my last area. 
My District
Zone Training
Elder Mckenna & I
Well I hope all continues to go well! I will be trying my hardest to get all the work here done!

I LOVE you guys so much!

Elder Williamson & Elder B MTC comps - see each other on P-Days
Elder Barlocker II

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