Monday, September 17, 2012

Weather or not! 9/17/2012

The weather down here has been pretty nice too, I am guessing around the high 90's. But it feels great! It makes bike riding so much easier.

But it is good to hear that everybody is going on a mission. I am surprised to hear that Zach is going... I would have never guessed. It will be fun to go to all of their homecomings when I get back. 

So yeah, it is good to hear that everything is going well. I have been doing just fine. I am in better shape than my new companion so the bike rides are slow. I have to make it fun by doing wheelies and jump on and off of stuff. But I am staying in shape so that is good! And it is good to hear that Grandpa is doing well with his hip. That would be brutal!

And I did get the package with the Reese's Pieces. They were melted a bid and clumped together, but they still tasted the same! Looking forward to more packages from you guys! But still send the things to the mission office, because if I have you send things straight to apartment, if I get transferred I might not ever get it.

But this week has just been another busy week. I am still trying to get use to all the new things but I am adjusting just fine. I haven't been able to take many pictures because we have been doing so much, but I will try to take more this next week.

Thanks so much for supporting me on my mission! I LOVE you guys so much!!

 E' Barlocker II
Elder Seare trying to get us un-lost

Me waiting to get un-lost...ANYONE HAVE A GPS THEY CAN SEND ME?
Hippo Hips Avenue!!!!

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