Monday, November 5, 2012

10/30/2012 I am almost 1/4th of the way done with my mission...

Everything is going great down here. The only thing bad that has happened is E' Espinoza is sick right now. That is why my email is a day late. He felt good enough to go and quickly do this, and it makes it easy that our apartment has some computers to use! We are working a lot harder than E' Seare and I did.. And now the work is going great! We have been doing a lot more tracting. And it is kinda funny to see how people react and try to get out of what we have to say. I really do not see the purpose in it but I will do it because E' Espinoza wants too...

And I am doing fine physically; besides the headaches I had a while ago I am doing fine.

And I have been meaning to get the Christmas list out, but I cannot find time to get letters written. Maybe now that my companion is out of commission for a while I will get that done. And I did get a letter from G&G Willes just the other day for Halloween. But other than that I have not received a letter from anybody else; the letters you guys have sent haven't even come yet... But the letters and packages arrive at the mission office and they send them out to our apartments. Sometimes they give it to our zone leaders and they take forever to give it to us!

Nothing too interesting happened this week. It is just busy as usual. Although I have been driving my district leader mad with making a card float. He has been trying to figure it out for a long time now. And I do not know if I told you guys but I found a magic shop in my area! We go to it every p-day, and yesterday we spent an hour and a half in there! It is way fun! Oh and I forgot; we went to a trunk or treat with some other elders and I go to be part of a haunted house. My job was to be the silhouette behind a bloody sheet and reach out and scare people. It was pretty fun.

So yeah, that's about it. We are getting a lot done and I am enjoying myself. And I am almost 1/4th of the way done with my mission... It only seems like I have been out for a month or two...

Love you all!!!

 Elder Barlocker II


 Random shot of E' E and a little bit of E' D
Our trunk or treat display!

 My shoes before I polish them

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