Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4/30/2013 NEW WEEK!!!! :)

Well this week has been good. We didn't have a lot to do but we stayed busy. But sadly we have had two of our baptismal dates drop. We were doing a baptismal interview with one of our investigators and he had to push back his date, but he doesn't know when yet. But he is way solid! He just had some family things come up so he had to chose a new date. And the other one that dropped, we don't know what happened. He is a 14 y/old kid and it seems his mom, a return missionary, doesn't want him to get baptized... It is kinda frustrating! We went over to their home, knew they were there, heard them in the house, but they never answered the door... But we still have one more date that is still going strong... but even then we thought about something that might hold her back... The Lord is helping us out though!

-Are you required to attend PEC meeting on Sunday morning with a ward or the Stake?
I haven't been to a PEC meeting here in Safford yet, but in Willcox and Tucson I would always go to that. The same goes for ward council and all that. But covering four wards here we cannot get to ward council... We only get to go to two sacrament meetings each Sunday, no classes just sacrament. And here in Safford they do a stake missionary correlation meeting for all the missionaries and ward mission leaders.

-How has the food been for you?  Do you do much cooking in your home?
The food is a little overwhelming... We have dinner every night pretty much and everyone cooks a bunch for us to eat, so we get fed pretty well. It makes me want to work out more, which is a good thing :) Plus I am trying to stay under 160 because I made a joke about it and now I have to do it... And we are hardly ever home so we don't cook a lot; if we are it is because we brought pizza over to eat. The Dominoes down here gives each companionship one free pizza a week, so everyone gets one and brings it over to our place to eat and talk. It is okay, I just wish people knew how to clean up after themselves!!! I am glad I have good parents that taught me well ;)

Earlier this week, my comp found out that scorpions glowed under a black light. His mind was blown! I already knew that because Ellusionist had a trick that involved that... But after one of our members told us that and about hunting for them, he had to try it. So the other night we went over to the member’s house to go scorpion hunting. It is amazing how much they glow under a black light. We would be going along the ground and all of a sudden you see a yellow glowing scorpion! I haven't seen a scorpion on my mission until then so that was cool... We had fun finding them and killing them so they wouldn't harm the garden.

Oh and the other day I had something weird happen. I had someone say I looked older then I was... My whole mission people have said I looked way young, the oldest I have been given is 16... But I finally had someone that said I looked about my real age!

Sorry I didn't email yesterday, my comp doesn't really let me have a say on what goes on so we didn't get things done. But yesterday we went on a hike. I think by the time we were done driving we were at 9000 ft. and there were pine trees, no cactus, and even a little snow! I never thought I would see that in Arizona... ha ha But it was a good hike. We got all the way to the top of the mountain and took some awesome pics. Plus I found a little time capsule that was up there that a lot of people had put their names in. I didn't tell anyone else about it though... When I found it I was off away from everyone and they heard me open it; someone asked what I was doing and I said 'doing drugs' they just laughed and kept on talking. It was cool...I guess... :)

Well I am hanging in there. Things are going good, and I am having a good time. I hope all is going well back home!

Love you all!!!

E' Barlocker

1. In Arizona????
2. Me and Johnson on top of the mountain
3. The time capsule, I don't know how I found it...

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