Monday, September 30, 2013

9/30/2013 RED BARN

Okay first of all, Nathan looks pretty cool in the pic with everyone... haha Its weird to see how everyone has changed! It's gunna be ever weirder to see everyone in person... It's gunna come by quick...
Today we went to the observatory again! This time it wasn't cloudy so we could see everything... The only down side was I got sun-burnt .. Oh well... At least I might get tanner from it... :) But we had a good time...

This week has been good... Not too much going on but we have been trying to get things done... Yesterday we found out a couple from the East stake moved to our ward. Elder Seare had been teaching them and I came in when the husband got the priesthood! So it was cool to see them again. We have just been trying to visit people the ward wants us to go see... We really haven't had much success but what little we have had has been good... :) We got into one members home, the husband had surgery a couple week ago and is recovering and the wife just found out about her heart problems... So their life isn't too good right now. And nobody had been over to see them in a while so they were way excited to see us. She baked a carrot cake for us and sent us home with some banana bread! They were super nice and we had a good discussion on the Atonement.

My days are going by too fast... They all run together, and then there are those times when i did something earlier in the day and when I think about it later in the day, it feels like I did it a week ago... Life is crazy...

The weather is getting pretty good down here! It has been chilly the past couple nights, its awesome! The other day I woke up and it was 50 degrees outside... I kinda wish it would snow though... I do miss that a lot...

On Saturday we had to help with a festival in Sahuarita... I don't know what it was all about, but the church had a booth there and we took turns running it and walking around looking for service opportunities... The only bad part about it was all the sisters had to go to the RS mtg. and all the other elders had to go to dinner, so Elder Seare and I had to run it for a couple hours; and Seare wasn't feeling too good so I kinda had to run the show... One thing that bugged me was how rude people are... They wont even take time to say "Hi"... And then there was one guy I had started a pretty good conversation with and a member from his church came over and her whole goal was to get him away from us... Gotta get him away from the nice polite honest Mormons... But a seed was planted and that all I care about... haha

Oh, the other day I decided to run up and down our 'driveway' for a little workout, and I almost died... So it ran up and down a couple times, and one time i turned around and there were two stray dogs barking at me... I froze... I thought I was at least gunna be bitten... But i thought I might as well see if they will come to me so they didn't think I was gunna do anything... So I got down and whistled and one came over, I pet it, and then they ran off happily... I was glad about that... haha But it was a good workout, got a little more cardio then I thought... ;)

Well I have a blank mind now and wanna go eat dinner, so I am gunna get going!

I want to let you guys know I know this church is true! It has so much to offer everyone, no matter what! I have gained a personal testimony of the Savior and what he has done for us. I hope you all take the time to use the Atonement, study and share it. It is too precious to be kept hidden from the world!

I love you all and hope that all goes well for each of you this week... :)

 E Barlocker II

1. I went to Buenos Aires!!! It was in our area so I had to go just to get the picture... :)
2. A road we had to drive through last week... haha
3. And I don't know if I showed a pic of the wash we have to drive through when it is full of water... We kinda got trapped... :)

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