Tuesday, September 17, 2013

FALL IS COMING!!!!! 9/17/2013

Anything spiritual happen this past week or so?
We had our best investigator spill out his heart to us... He told us why he had us here, what he expected and he said he knew it was right! I can't explain how cool it was... :)

Two, in Sells... :) The only ones we have are in the reservation surprisingly... There use to be elders assigned specifically to the res. but it died off i guess... Things are picking up down there though... :)

Do you get to the res very often?

What do you do there?
Chill at the rec center in Sells, teach our only two investigators...

Are you eating well? Do the members feed you?
Yes and yes... :)

Any new things you have tried lately?
We had paddle cactus the other week... Pretty good... :)

Did you get the last package? BAZINGA!!?
If it was the one with all the scriptures, then yes! :)

Anything you want us to send you?
A GPS...

We got transfer calls this Sunday... But luckily Seare and I are staying together!!! :) It was a nervous transfer call night because anything could have happened... haha And the unexpected happened... :) I would have never thought that we would have stayed together...

This is going to be a fun transfer too... We have started a prank war with the sisters in our district and for this prank we have it so they think elder Seare is leaving, and i am training a new missionary... They totally bought it and we plan on going bowling today so we are going to show up and surprise everyone! Ha-ha The other day we saran wrapped their car... and to get back at us they stole our keys and hid them in our car, then filled our car with balloons... We have a couple ideas of what to do next... It is going to be fun... :) If you have any ideas, it would be much appreciated, especially if it has to do with a car... :)

On Saturday I got injured... haha I was doing pull-ups for a workout and things went a little bad... I was just doing my last set on the pull-up bar and apparently the door frame was thinkin' "not today" and gave up the ghost... In doing so it threw me back in to the cupboards, and left two big gashes in my back from the handles on them... It kinda broke the lower doors, and now I have nowhere to do my pull-ups... So I took this as a sign that I am not supposed to work out anymore... haha

But things are going good... We are workin’ hard (well as hard as we can in this area) and having fun too... :) I have been thinking about the convertible a lot lately... I can't wait to get home... haha But I know the last few months I do have will fly by way too quick, so I'm gunna make the best of it!

Thanks for all you guys do! You're awesome!!!

E Barlocker II

P.S. Sorry no pics, I forgot my camera... :\

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