Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NOOGIE!! 9/10/2013

Sorry I didn't email yesterday... We had an adventure that took longer than expected. We went up to the Kit Peak observatory yesterday, it was awesome. On the way up, there were a bunch of clouds on the mountain so we were kinda disappointing we weren't gunna see the view; but the clouds only made it better... Plus it was way green on the mountain so the clouds and that made it look kinda like a jungle... It was the furthest thing from Arizona we have seen in a while... And as we went higher the clouds got thicker and when we made it to the parking, it totally looked like a scene from Jurassic Park... haha! It was awesome. I will attach some pics...

But this week has been good. On Sunday we had our group mtg. with the people on the reservation, we had a good turnout. Last time we only had like six people show up and this time it was double! Ha-ha!!  E Seare and I want to get a mtg. down there every week; I don't know why they are only limited to one mtg. a month - I think it was the stake or something that decided that...... :\ But it was fun.

Today the whole mission is doing a big exchange where each companionship gets split throughout the zone they are in and everyone focuses on one thing, like finding investigators, member present lessons and such. So E Seare went over to another area and I got a visa waiter for the day; he is waiting to go to Brazil. But we have two lessons in Sells (reservation) today. One is with our only investigator and the other with a potential... On Sunday a member from Sells called her uncle just before church and set up a teaching appointment with him and us over dinner... haha It was awesome. He was willing to listen to us, so we will see how interested he really is tonight... :)\

Oh and on Friday, we got rained on pretty hard. We had just gotten back from an appointment and it started to rain... And it didn't stop... Pretty soon our front yard was starting to flood so we decided to see what the wash looked like; and it was a raging river! Haha! It was amazing how much water was coming down! So we were trapped in our trailer for a couple hours and we were a little late to dinner... But it was fun. I remember a lot of people telling me back home I wouldn't see any rain down here, but there is too much rain sometimes... haha!

So that is pretty much the highlights of my week... We have to go get an oil change today... :\ I wish we could just do them, it takes the place we got to like an hour sometimes... And the Jeep should only take like two seconds, the filter and tank are right there, I wouldn't even have to lift it up... But we have to listen to the vehicle coordinator... :\

Hope you guys have a fabulous week!

Love you all!!!

E Barlocker II

1. The wash/river or as we call it ...the road in front of our home!
2. The Jungle in AZ
3. The big telescope at the observatory

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