Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Sorry I didn't email yesterday... Dumb holidays... haha At least I get to look forward to Christmas and Mothers day! haha :)
This week has been interesting... I didn't think what happened would effect me so much... It's weird to think of how fragile our lives are... The lives we live are fragile, but the life we have is not... Idk if that makes sense... But the treasury makes cents so... ;) But I got a blessing from my comp a couple nights ago and that really helped... :) I'm am still amazed at the power the gospel has in everything...
But this week has been the same old same old... Except for we went down to sells three times this week... haha I wish I could always be down there, we have a lot more success on the nation then in town... haha Unfortunately we had to cancel the sells mtg. this week because someone else had the building we use reserved... The member that coordinates it tried to get another building, but no luck... We're shooting for next week so hopefully it happens!!!
My birthday was good... Birthdays on the mission are dumb... haha Can't do anything fun, just the same old same old... And in three points it gets really old... haha but I like it out here... Not too many people can handle this area, but so far i'm holding up... I just hope I stay this next transfer so I don't have to move before Christmas again...
But yeah, it's been a weird week... It's picking up though! And i'm sorry that I don't have a lot to write about, my minds been going nuts the past few days...
I'll be sending more letters out as they come! Thanks for not forgetting about me! haha
I'm so dang close to the end of my mission... Crap... You guys better be ready for me when I get home... I don't know if i'll be ready to come home... haha But I'm staying strong!
Thanks for everything!!!
-Elder Barlocker II
Ps I wrote a poem in honor of Ryan... I'll attach it also... It kinda shows how precious life really is...


1. First egg nog of the year!!!
2. My last District... well minus two
3. One of the other two not in the picture before! (Elder Huff - awesome kid!)

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