Monday, November 25, 2013


1.  What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
- We have a family having us over, the Roberts, they are freaking awesome! Brother Robert kinda reminds me of uncle Lynn, just without all the guns... haha But then the day after Thanksgiving we are having another Thanksgiving meal with another legit family... haha

2.  What are your plans for your slump day?
- I don't even know... The tradition is to burn a pair of pants, so I'm going to do that of course... ha-ha But it'll just be another day as a missionary... :)

3.  How is the GPS working?
- By electricity as usual... duh... ;) But it is doing us whole bunches of good! :)

4.  Do you still like getting letters in the mail, or just email?
- I love getting letters, I just hate trying to write back... But having an empty mailbox is kinda depressing... ha-ha But emails are always a plus too... haha

First off I haven't forgotten everyone back home, you can just say Ashley and Sean... haha in fact there was a poster down in Tucson last year that had a guy that looked like Sean... ha-ha And I'm going to miss Thanksgiving... ha-ha But this'll be the last one I'll be away for!!! :)

This week we had a jdub come to our door... haha Out of all the places to get someone at your door I never thought it would be here... ha-ha She came early and we weren't even ready for the day so we were still in our pj's... ha-ha Kinda just threw a pamphlet on us and went away... I kinda wish she came a little later so two missionaries would have answered the door... haha. But we were both so shocked that someone was at our door, we didn't even try to contact her... ha-ha

So we had a half mission conf. this past week... An Elder Johnson of the Seventy came and spoke to us... It was crazy to see how many missionaries were there... We filled the whole chapel and then some... Last year that is how big the whole mission was, now it only takes half to fill a stake center... ha-ha But it was a good mtg. and I got to see some old pals from the mission... :)

A couple days ago we went to go and see a referral that we got last week... After meeting with him and setting up another appt. we had a lot of time left before our next appt... But as we were driving out of the neighborhood, we saw a man in a wheelchair trying to get his mail, so we decided to go and talk with him... He was way nice and we had a good discussion with him. Then we took in his trash cans and helped him get back into his house... I don't know how in the world he was going to get back up his driveway without anyone's help... He was really tired and it was getting cold, and we just happened to show up and be able to help him back in... He gave us his phone number and we are going to go back sometime this week to visit with him and his family... :) It was cool to see how God places us in certain situation like that... :)

The rest of the week has been pretty normal... Locked gates and no one home... But it's all good... We had a good week. Plus we had a great time in Sells... :) I freaking love that place! I'm gunna ask President Killpack if I can be assigned specifically there... It would be a lot of work but fun!
A comment on me sending more pictures... If I get more pictures from you guys in the mail, I'll send more to you... Deal?
Well, I've got to get on with my p-day... It should be a good one... :)
Hope all is going well back home!!!
Elder Barlocker II

1. Elder Larsen and I
2. The half mission conf...
3. Elder Black, Seare and I :)

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