Monday, November 19, 2012

Yabba Dabba Doo! 11/19/2012

My Sundays... Well church is at 11:00 but we go two hours early for ward council and all that. So it really isn't that bad at all. Then we stay about  an hour afterwards doing misc. things. Then we come home, have lunch, maybe take a quick nap, then we are off doing missionary work. Mostly visiting people that are not home... But we do our best to stay busy. Then at night we have to call in our numbers for the week. Not much different from any other day...

And we are going over to the Bonfield's for thanksgiving. They are an older couple that has a son now living with them. They are pretty cool. We also might have a good lunch from a family in another ward on that day. A lot of the 'older' missionaries say they sometimes have several meals on thanksgiving... I don't know if I could do that.

But this week has been kinda slow... Not a whole lot going on in this area. Nobody seems to answer the door. But now the ward is starting to step it up. They had a bunch of invitations made for a special Sunday next month to give out to their friends and neighbors. And the bishop is pushing missionary work in the ward big time! So we should see a lot from it!

Well, I didn't take any pics this week, it is kind of hard to take them all the time. I guess I forget that everything that I am doing is cool and interesting to you but it all feels the same to me. I will have to get a bunch of pics for you guys by next week!

I love you all!
E' Barlocker II

Oh and

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