Monday, December 3, 2012

Ever so Greatful! 11/27/2012

Thanksgiving was awesome! We ended spending six hours at the family's home. And there was nothing different that I had, it was just a normal thanksgiving dinner. Although I did try the cranberry gelatin stuff... that is the best on the turkey. And I am so use to so much food that what they had was so little... But I did get very full! I did miss going out for breakfast though. But yesterday we went out with our district to Ihop. That made up for it!

But this week has been another slow week. Not too much going on. A lot of people have either been avoiding us or we have just missed them, but we have been trying our best to see some people. But we have been having a good time.

So yeah, I didn't take any pictures because of nothing too exciting going on. But transfers are coming up so I will have some pics from that.

Well I hope next week has more in store for us then this week; plus it will be interesting to see what transfers will do to the zone...

Hope all is well back home and stays that way! :)
 Love you all!!!

E' Barlocker II

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