Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas is coming...12/17/2012

I did get the CHRISTmas package you sent... so tempting!!

And yes I did hear about the new youth program. It is pretty cool.

This week has been pretty good. I went on exchanges and had an interesting time.
Everything weird that could have happened did. But I have been having a great time here in Willcox.

So about the exchange; try to guess which one I didn't do:
- Listen to Spanish all day
- Milk a goat
- Spend an hour getting our Chevy Malibu out of the mud
- See a belly dancer
- Help chase a goat back into its pen
- Blew some minds with magic

If you guessed 'Milk a goat' you were correct. Lets just say it was a crazy day.
I have never had an exchange like it and don't plan on having another near the same.
But the Elder I went with has been out for as long as I have, just he was in the MTC a little longer because he is a spanish elder. It was a good day.

With that day happening the rest of the week seemed even less normal, if that makes sense.
But it has been a really awesome week. I am doing well down here in Willcox and am having fun.
I hope all is going well back home in Utah. The weather down here right now feels like UT, but no snow. I did see some ice this morning on the ground; I never expected to see ice outside of a freezer down here...

Love you all!!

Elder Barlocker II

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