Monday, December 31, 2012

HOPPY NEW YEAR!!! 12/31/2012

This week has gone by kinda slow but fun. E' Childs has a little bit of a CHRISTmas hangover, feeling a little trunky; I don't feel different at all, is that bad?

But it was awesome to talk to you all! Its cool to see that everything else is still going normal. My life down here has become so normal to me I kind of forgot what it was like back home. But now everything is going back to normal for us. The only thing that will be different this week is we will be having district mtg. on Tues instead of Wed due to new years. And on new years eve we have to be in by 7:00.

A cool thing happened last night, I snowed! It wasn't much at all and if you weren't looking at a light you couldn't see it. But I saw it!

So yeah nothing new or more exciting then the snow. But I am doing fine down here. It is getting pretty cold here in Willcox, especially at night; good thing we have a car! I hope all is going well back in Utah! Hope everyone is doing fine!

Love you all!!

Elder Barlocker II

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