Monday, July 1, 2013

7/1/2013 Summer FULL BLAST!

Well my new comp is E' Ward!  I am having a good time with him so far!!! We are getting the work moving in the ward now. Yesterday we had to give talks in 2nd ward... That is the second time I have talked in that ward... :\ I think I have talked more then most of the members in the ward... haha But it was good. I don't worry about speaking in front of people anymore; and my talk papers have just been a bunch of thoughts written down... So I pretty much just have to make it up as I go, and it turns out to be about a 15 min talk every time... But this last time I kinda rebuked the ward for not being the best. I didn't straight-out say it, but I could tell they knew what I was getting at... haha And when I sat back down one of the counselors looked over at me, with kind of a surprised/scared look... It was awesome! Now I know why E Holland does it a lot... haha

Yeah E Kim and I have been buds for a while... I met him in my second area and we have served around each other quite a bit... And he is the only person that stayed here with me... And he got a greeny the same (mission) as mine. But we had a great time in Tucson... All I have to say is that if you need a three lane road for most of the roadways, then you have too many people in that area... It is kinda scary to drive up there... A lot of stupid drivers... :)

But as for the work... We are just getting things started...  we are just getting the wheels turned... :) But I have been on my bike more so I hopefully have been loosing weight... :) And I am surprised that eventhough I have put on 30+ lbs by waist has stayed the same... Not gunna complain about that! ;)

So things are going good down here... I am still trying to work through a couple of things, but all is well!

It is crazy to hear about all the missionaries out right now... Never would have guessed the force would be this big - especially from our ward! But it is good to see everyone is taking advantage of the oppurtunity... Now what does Marci think about serving a mission?...

Well my mind is going blank and I want to go shop... Thanks for all that you guys do for me!!!

I Love you all!!!!

E Barlocker II

1. My sunglasses (i think i have two more now...)
2. Zone Pic!
3. ME!!!

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