Monday, July 22, 2013

7/22/2013 Convertable Weather!

Well we had an interesting lesson with some new investigators yesterday... We had a pass off lesson from the YSA elders and so we went over with them... They turn out to be drunks :) There were three there at the lesson but only one of them was sober... One was way wasted and didn't say much, just shook his head when he heard something; and the other drunk one just kept going off on really random topics... I love being a missionary! But luckily the one that wasn't drunk seems sincere... :)

One lesson that really stands out to me was a baptism I had last transfer... The guy really didn't have a solid testimony of Joseph Smith, but he knew it was true. He has been bothered with joining the church by members for years, but he said he would do it when he knew he could put his whole self towards it. And it just so happens I was there at that time... :) But one lesson we had, after his baptism, he told us about before not knowing that Joseph Smith was for sure true... But then he said that he knew it would come, and it did! And last night I was doing laundry and listening to the song "Live Like You Believe", that is just what we need to do, members or not. If something doesn't make sense, or we do not comprehend it, we just have to live like we believe! Because if we have a hope that it is true and we live like we believe it, we will have our answer given to us... That so far has been the one lesson that just stands out to me; we as humans like to know things right away, but its all on Gods time, we just have to trust in him!

Yeah so this week has been good. Yesterday we got three more people with Baptismal dates, two drunkards ;) and one nine y/o girl. The Lord has to be hastening his work for this to happen in Safford! haha But we have been doing great! There is a goal in the mission, set a while back, to get 20 lessons a week... Last transfer wasn't so great, but this transfer has been awesome! This past week we finally hit 20 lessons! This new comp likes to work and if he is 'bored' he finds something productive to do... :) I am starting to have a better time here!

Nothing too exciting has happened, just teaching members and trying to see referrals... :) The other night, on the 20th, the community had the 24th of July celebration! It was pretty fun... They had a parade... the fair and fireworks were well worth it... And some newspaper guy came up to us and got our pic and asked questions! So I am gunna be in the next newspaper most likely!!! haha That should be interesting :) I just told him how we do work differently here then in other parts of the mission... Hopefully I can get a copy to send home! :)

Well if I think of more to say I will write a letter! :)

Love you all!!!

E' Barlocker II


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