Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Wonderful Missionary 7/15/2013

How are you?
Good... haha doing a lot better with the new comp... :)

What have you done or seen this week that has strengthened your testimony?
Just seeing my new comps exzitment for the work. My last comp kinda killed my desire to work because he was such a doofus, but he has really made an impact on me...

Goals for the week/month?
Get back on track with doing the morning schedule... :)

Who are you teaching right now?
We just got a new investigator, our only one, a couple of days ago... But he lives in a place called "the looney bin" he is kinda crazy but we dont know to what extent yet...

Any leads from the members?
Last week we got nine referrals from one member. We had one of our AP's with us for a couple hours last week and he knew this member. So we went over for a visit and ended up getting nine referrals! We have tried to visit all of them, but only got to talk to like one or two of them...nothing yet...

Who have you heard from lately (family/friends)? Certainly not your siblings...:\ What monkeys!
I got a letter from the Jensens the other day! A set of elders were supposed to give it to me like a month ago, but I actually got it last Monday... It was good to hear from them...

Who have you written to lately?
The Jensens... I only write to people who write me...

Ups/downs for the week.
The hills...

Are you keeping up in your journal?
Not so much anymore... After I have a tough time and have to deal with stupid people I don't really have the desire to write; because I figure it isn't worth writing things that are not so positive, i already have too much negativity in there... haha

Anything we can send you?
Nothing that I can't live without... I am doing good right now... Thanks though! :)

Have I told you lately that I love you?
I Love You More!!!!

Nothing too exciting this week... Like I mentioned above we had one of our ap's with us for part of a day, that was fun. I guess they were just going around to the different companionship's in the zone and spending some time with them... And we ended getting nine referrals so it turned out great! Then two days after that we had interviews with President... That was good... :) Other then that we have just been trying to see referrals and visit members... Nothing too exciting...

And we have started to go walking/hiking in the mornings with a member, and our latest adventure took us through an old Indian location and we found some pieces of pottery... I will send a pic but I will have it all sent with a package I am gunna send in a couple days... :)
*** ***
So yeah we have had fun this week and be doing better with the work and all...

Love you guys a lot!!!!!!!!

E' Barlocker II

1. E' Ward and I

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