Monday, July 8, 2013

7/8/2013 TIME FLIES!

Well its always good to hear things are going great back home! Things have been getting better down here. My new comp is awesome! It is gunna make this transfer fly by fast - as if they weren't flying by too fast already... The transfers just keep getting faster and faster! Its crazy!!! I say this a lot but it will be like two weeks then I am gunna be home... Hopefully time shortens just a bit when that happens... haha

A couple Sundays ago there was only one of the bishopric at church in one of our wards, so he had to take over... It was the first time I remember seeing the deacons and teachers quorum presidents sit on the stand... And its even weirder to think that they were 'next' in line... :\ But I got a hold of one of the handbooks, and have been reading it and this Sunday I watched to see if the bishopric did everything by the book... haha And they did it exactly by the book, i was proud of them... lol But I noticed that that whole missionary broadcast was in the Handbook II already. We have had most of that info for over three years and they are only now getting it started... But at least it has begun... :)

Lets see what has gone on this week... One day we were trying to find some houses of part-member families and half of the list was invalid addresses... We got a good bike ride out of it though... :) But as we were passing a home, some guy yelled out at us "six six six!" I think he was trying to scare us, I just thought it was funny! But not having a lot of work here in Safford, it seems that all there is to do is knock out lists of pm and la families... And I am not gunna lie, i was way excited when they announced that we were not to knock doors anymore... haha that is the second time people in Arizona have heard that. There was a big stake conf. a while back, that was broadcast over all of Az, and E' Holland said that the missionaries shouldn't be doing that at all...

The old way of missionary work is over. There was a time when missionaries had their role and the members had their. Now its the same role - we as missionaries just play that role 24/7... And I told my ward two weeks ago in my talk "You are on the front lines with us now! There is no more member cheer leading-squad... God is now the one on the sidelines helping us out, giving us encouragement..." I don't know how the work is in Utah... but I hope that you guys do your best to help the missionaries out in South Jordan... :)

Well I will have to write a letter or something this week if I remember what else has happened... :)

Hope all continues going well back home! I Love you all!!!!

E' Barlocker II

1. Spider I found on a hike this morning... weird little thing...
2. Folder of all letters I get!!!

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