Monday, July 29, 2013

7/29/2013 Going on in AZ...

What's been going on in Safford?
 Pretty good! The work is moving a long great now! And the weather has been awesome!

How are you Elder?
I am doing great!

Any spiritual experiences this past week?
Well we had a first lesson with a 9 y/o girl yesterday, that was cool... I love sharing the first vision! There is such a sweet spirit that comes along with it!

Who are you teaching?
Well other then that 9 y/o, we have a crazy guy in his 40's, and four drunkards that are moving... And when we are not teaching them we teach various active members and less actives!

Anything fun happening?
Not really... Just a normal missionary week... :\

What has been your favorite thing about the past week?
Probably just teaching that girl... Here family is a less active family and trying to get her baptized has brought the family back to church. And plus they are a pretty cool family... :)

Oh one weird thing that happened last night, was this. I was doing my laundry late at night, and i was about to fall asleep, but I had to stay up so my shirts wouldn't get wrinkled in the dryer... So I had to at least stay up so I could pull my shirts out... I sat there and listened to dryer waiting for it to stop. Then the next thing I know I woke up in the morning... I was like oh crap!!! Then when I went to the dryer my shirts were sitting on top... Then I remembered I had a dream that i did that... Turns out i was sleep walking... haha It was kinda weird because usually I don't remember when i do it...

But my mind is going blank right now... We are trying to get a lot done this morning to have some relax time later... I will send a letter later this week if I remember any thing...

Love you guys!

E Barlocker II

P.S. Sorry no pics... my card reader is being used... :\

Oh I forgot! I had a pic in the news paper! It was the pioneer day celebration and we were just talking and got into the paper!

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