Monday, December 2, 2013

A New Year Approaches 12/2/2013

-So what has been going on this past week or so?
Missionary work... haha We got permission from President Killpack to go down to the reservation more often... Before we were only allowed one time a week, now he gave us two to three times!!! I expressed how there is a lot more work happening down there then before (more then in town...) and I told him that he should split the area this next transfer; so we can get more attention down there... He called me last Monday and worked out some things to see how much work really is out there... I don't know why, but I really feel the reservation need to have its own set of missionaries and I am willing to do anything to get that for them... :)

-Anything good/exciting/new?
Read above :)
-What have been the best times this past month?
Teaching our investigator! :) And now we have a second one, they are both in Sells! haha They are both pretty solid in their own ways... They both know what they want and know how to get it... :) It's just a matter of time and work... :)
-What were your challenges in Nov?
Being really really trunky... haha
-Who are your investigators?
We have two peeps in Sells that we are teaching... :)
-What has been your saving grace on your mission? (what makes it all for the best)
Everything I get to learn from and that pushes me to be better... :) Without my mission I can almost guarantee that I would be inactive... Just being out here has made it worth it... :) Plus all the friends I have made, make it a lot more worth it... :)
-Is there anything we can do for you/send you?
That grey sweater that has the little zipper at the top... :)
-How are you and E Larsen getting along?
Really well... You keep asking this question... Do you expect us to not get along?...haha
-When are next transfers?-
On the 10th...
So Thanksgiving was fun... :) We got a lot of freaking food... haha And it was all good... :) Last Thanksgiving was the first time I remember trying the cranberry stuff and I love it! haha On Thursday we had a huge meal! There were ten people there, the family and then both the sisters missionaries in our ward and us... It was fun... :) The family we went to is one of the ones you can joke around with a lot...
Our second Thanksgiving dinner on Friday was great! We had chicken instead of turkey, but it was still really good... :) One thing that stood out to me this Thanksgiving was all the things we do have... Back home I always had everything I needed and really couldn't comprehend not having everything... But since being on my mission and seeing those who don't have all they need or even want, it makes me thankful of what little I do have... I mean I sat down to two huge meals with ease while there are some who maybe only got one little meal... It's interesting to see how the gospel can give more, both spiritually and physically... :)
This past Saturday we helped the family we ate at on Thanks giving move... They just moved to another part of their neighborhood... We got there at 9:30 in the morning, and finished the move at almost 9:00 at night... haha It was a lot of work and it was a stressful move, but it is done and we had a good time... :)
But things are going well... We are getting to talk to a lot more people in Sells and the work is moving a long... :) Only six more months and you'll have to deal with me again!!! :P
I love you all!!! Keep being who you are!!!
Elder Barlocker II

1. Tucson from a hill in our area...
2. The tank in Sells (idk if i'd shown you this...)


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