Monday, December 30, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 12/30/2013

-How the heck are you?
Doing good! Things are continuing to pick up here so I can't complain!

-How was your week?
It was long... The holidays were good, but it just made the work hard for those days hard, so it slowed down for a bit... But nothing bad happened so it was good... :)

-Any good experiences?
One day last week we had to go get our tire changed... And on the way back we stopped by Walmart so Elder Larsen could pick up another white shirt... And the whole day the sisters in our district were not answering any of our texts, which was really weird... But when we were driving past their street to go back to our area, I had a feeling I needed to check on them... I just thought it was nothing, but just in case - I said in my head that if I saw a cop car with its lights on I would tell Elder Larsen to turn around... And not two seconds after that I saw not one, but two cop cars on the side of the road with their lights on... So we turned around and the sisters had just barely gotten to their place to drop something off and were about to leave... It turns out their phone was acting weird and hadn't received hardly anything for a couple of days... So I helped them fix it (restarted their phone) and almost 30 messages came in on it... haha After that they needed someone to go with them to their investigators home to get the baptismal program together for the next day... And if we wouldn't have showed up at that exact time they wouldn't have been able to go... And since we did show up, they got their phone fixed, and they were able to get the baptism in order!
And the baptism they had was one of the coolest ones I've been to... The spirit was just so strong! And the confirmation was even better the next day! The spirit is cool... :)
It was way fun to talk to you guys!!! It was good to see all your ugly faces! Except for Kate... I only saw her once... Rude... haha jk
But things are going good! I don't have much more time to be on here, but I hope you all know I love you all and pray for you each night!
Thanks for everything!
Elder Barlocker II

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