Monday, December 9, 2013

IT IS SNOWING...well at least in UTAH! 12/9/2013

Yeah so we had transfer calls last night... And it sucks because our zone is always the last to be called, so we were up until 11:30 waiting... ugh... But come to find out only one person from our zone left... So Larsen and I are staying another one!!! :) That means I'll have six months in this area and after that I'll probably only have one more area... :\ It's weird...

And no I didn't get the package... Both the mailing system down here and the mission office aren't too good... But I'm sure I'll get it sometime this month... :)
This week has been stressful... Every transfer week is... I even got sick because of it... :\ I can't wait to get home and not have to worry about transfers... I just can't wait to get home! ha-ha But I'm doing my best to stay focused... :)

So I get another six weeks to work on the reservation... :) It is fun to work out there... Last Tuesday we had a big zone exchange and I took one of our zone leaders out there and we had a blast! ha-ha There is one member down there that live like three miles from the border, so when they didn't answer, we went and saw the border... ha-ha It was cool... :) Oh and there is a pic for Jessica.. HORSES!!!! ha-ha

Other then that exciting stuff its been pretty normal... We have a LA family feeding us on CHRISTmas eve, and the dad is a gourmet chef... It should be good... :) And that all we have planned so far for the holidays...

We got another investigator this week and he is actually in town! ha-ha Turns out not all our work is on the reservation anymore... ha-ha The work is slowly picking up... :)

Ugh... Sorry I don't write too much... I do write in my journal every night but I cannot remember anything that happened at all... I had to think hard to remember seeing the border... ha-ha My brain is turning to mush...
I hope everything is going well back home... Things are getting harder but easier down here... :) I'm loving it... :)
I Love you all!!!

Elder Barlocker II

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